6/30 | Cricut Projects for Beginners

Hey everyone! Today, we’re going to talk about beginner Cricut projects, I had so much fun pulling all of these from our catalog of projects around the studio and I do want to mention that a lot of these files are from our exclusive die cutting files that we have at makersgonnalearn.com, if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a digital die-cutting membership that allows you to get hundreds and hundreds of SVG files along with a new collection every single month of 30 digital die-cutting files in addition to exclusive live streams and a private Facebook group that work effortlessly with you Cricut Maker, your Cricut Explore, or any of your die-cutting machines.

Now, let’s start!

This awesome project is great to use on any succulent pot holders. This is aluminum and I picked this up from IKEA, it was like 2 dollars and you can add your favorite vinyl saying, this is just the SVG that we designed but you can easily use text in Cricut design space and create your own saying cut it out and you’re going to have an awesome succulent holder. A perfect gift idea that you need for your home.

I also love that you are able to take inexpensive candles that you can find on Michael’s or any of the craft stores and add your own saying on it. I think this is awesome for home décor in your living space, your bedroom, or even your desk at work. Wouldn’t this be awesome?

Cricut makes it easy for you to create cards. You don’t have to be a professional or to have the experience to create cards. In your Cricut design space, this is an amazing make it now projects that you are able to create with no effort at all. It’s going to teach you how to cut, score and piece together an amazing card and once you get the grasp of this you’ll able to design your own cards through design space. This is really easy and you’re going to love it so much.

We recently shared a tutorial on How to Print and Cut. For this project, we are using the Cricut Printable Vinyl and our Canon printer where we printed it out and then cut it on our Cricut. When I first started, I thought print and cut was so hard and so confusing but once you know the steps that it requires, you’re gonna be able to print and cut like a pro and honestly this process is going to step up your Cricut game so much.

Tumblers are so huge and especially the holographic vinyl. You can get these inexpensive tumblers at any craft store and just apply it on and it’s so easy! We love the holographic vinyl, especially that summertime is quickly approaching you’re going to be able to look at it from all different angles and you’re going to see it from different colors. We love this project, it’s so easy and you could add your monogram here and it’s really fun I’ve seen almost everyone doing different projects with monograms so definitely be sure to get your monogram ready and cut with your Cricut.

I love this tote bag because this is one of our files and it’s one of my favorites! I love it because so many people in my life are getting married, this year Rachel is getting married which I’m so excited about and I thought this is so funny because she’s going on her honeymoon to the beach and I thought this would be a perfect beach bag for her to take with her husband. It’s gonna be really fun for her to put everything in there so even after she’s gotten engaged she’s been able to use this project and taking it around.

This is a fun way to use Iron-on. It’s actually super easy to be able to use Iron-on and apply a design you want onto a surface. It just shows how versatile Iron-on is and it doesn’t require many steps at all.

These are flip-flops that we did with a monogram and you can apply this monogram file up to any and they’re gonna be super awesome! This was a really fun one because this is putting on the really inexpensive flip flops from Walmart it’s super perfect for summer or anything like that.

This here is one of my favorite projects because as you can see we not only used a coffee mug but we actually turned it into a succulent holder, so after we applied the vinyl we added sand and then put faux succulents right into the coffee mug and added a really fun bottle saying. I absolutely love this project I think it’s fantastic to share how you could take a coffee mug say from the thrift store upcycle it into a really fun succulent holder.

Here’s a great way to make a pouch. This would be perfect for the kids to put their pencils or anything like that since the back-to-school season will be quickly approaching and everyone needs an awesome pencil pouch you can put whatever saying you want on it and it’s gonna be great.

This is another one of our files at makergonnalearn.com that we were able to make a little rain dish. We were able to apply glitter vinyl and then we add the monogram.

Lastly, some awesome T-shirts! You can have basic Iron-on colors but there’s also amazing colors like the glitter one that has a mix of like four or five different glitter color and it’s so easy. I think t-shirts are one of my favorite things to do with my Cricut because it’s something you’re going to be able to use in everyday life.

As you can see here, the Cricut Maker can make so many projects and this is just the beginning, wait until we get into more advanced projects that require even more steps. But, right here is a great place to get started. If you love all the SVG files on this tutorial you may want to join makergonnalearn.com to get access to our library of exclusive SVG files and check out all the fun we have over there. I hope you guys got inspired and I can’t wait to see what you create.