6/30 | 20 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Peanut Butter

I’m a big fan of peanut butter! I love pairing it with a jam and piece of bread with a cup of hot cocoa. But don’t you know that there’s a lot of things you didn’t know that peanut butter can do? At first, I thought that peanut butter can only be used for cooking and making a delicious sandwich but when I saw these roundups, I never knew that you can do so much more with it. Here are 20 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Peanut Butter:

1. Peanut Butter Has More Caffeine Than a Cup of Coffee

2. Turn Peanut Butter into Diamonds

3. Removing Gum

4. Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwich in Space

5. Effective Bait

6. Disc Scratches

7. Get the Horse to Move his Lips

8. Use as a Shaving Cream

9. Peanut Butter caused Jailbreak

10. Remove Sticky Price Tags

11. Long-term Health Benefits

12. Pinecone Bird Feeder

13. Edible Peanut Butter Playdough

14. Peanut Butter After Working Out

15. Peanut butter Hair Treatment

16. Facial Mask

17. Shine Leather Furniture

18. Make Glow in the Dark Experiment

19. Treat Hiccups

20. A Great Pest Control

Isn’t peanut butter amazing? I didn’t know that you could use peanut butter to remove those annoying hiccups, I would definitely keep that in mind. What do you think about these roundups? Let us know by leaving a comment below.