6/30 | How To Use Iron-On With Your Cricut Maker And EasyPress

Hi everyone! If you’re wondering how to make an awesome DIY T-Shirt using your Cricut Maker and EasyPress, this post will definitely help you out! It’s so much fun to do and this is perfect especially if you need a personalized T-shirt for yourself or to give as a gift for your families and friends. So if you’ve ever been curious How To Use Iron-On With Your Cricut Maker And EasyPress, this is the post for you!

Today, we’re using an SVG file from our Makers Gonna Learn Summer Collection.


Upload your image to your Canvas and resize it according to your liking.

For this tutorial, I’ll change the color to black since where using a black Iron On and click “Make It”

Make sure you “Mirror” your image since we’re going to use Iron On.

Select “Iron On” as your material and use the fine point blade in your machine.

Once you load the mat to your Cricut, this is also the best time to pre-heat your EasyPess according to your Iron On instructions; you can pre-heat it between 305-320 for about 30 seconds.

Don’t forget to select the “Fast Mode On” before you click on the flashing Cricut button.

Now that we cut the Iron On all we need to do is weed it.

What I love about Iron On is that it has a built-in transfer tape.

We’re going to use the EasyPress Mat, it’s perfect to use every time I do an EasyPress project.

Place the shirt on top of your EasyPress mat and pre-heat the shirt for 5 seconds.

Once ready, position your image.

If you’re happy with the position, we’re gonna take the EasyPress and apply even pressure for 30 seconds.

Let it cool for a minute before you remove the transfer tape.

Now you have your very own personalized shirt! One last note, be sure you wash your shirt first before using the Iron On, if you don’t it could shrink potentially and your Iron On is going to shrink with it and that wouldn’t look great. That’s my best tip on how to create an awesome shirt using the Cricut Maker and the EasyPress. Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and you’ve learned something new today.