6/30 | How To Knockout Text In Cricut Design Space

Making a Knockout method is such a trend right now, and if you’re one of those who’s also curious on how to make it, this post is perfect for you. At first, I thought that this wouldn’t be easy, but guess what? It’s not as hard as you think! Today I decided to share with you How To Knockout Text In Cricut Design Space.

Let’s get started!

Open Design Space and select text.

For this tutorial, we’re going to use two different fonts (Brandon and Shorelines that you could download in dafont.com). You can use any fonts that you want that you think would work together. Once you’ve chosen your fonts type in your text. I used Brandon Font for the “Crigger” and Shorelines for “Michael and Kendell”.

What we’re going to do first is the “Michael and Kendell”. Take the letter space and go down.

If you will check, the letters aren’t perfect so what we’re going to do is to choose “Ungroup”. What you’re going to see is that each letter will have its own layer, this way you can kern your fonts. Once done, select “Weld”.

Now, let’s go to “Crigger”. Take the letter space and go down. Then, size it the way you want it.

Bring the “Michael and Kendell” in the center of the “Crigger” and resize.

Select both layers, click “Align” and choose “Center”

Change the “Michael and Kendell” from “Cut” to “Print” (don’t worry we won’t Print anything). Press “Make It”.

Select “Send to Printer”

From here we can drag the image to download or we could select right-click and choose “Save Image As” once done, we can now cancel.

Once you’re back on your canvas just select > “Upload” > “Upload Image”

Choose “Simple”, make sure you erase the box and select “Continue”.

Select “Save as Cut Image” and when you’re on your Recently Uploaded Images just click on “Insert”.

Resize it then select all the layers and choose “Align” > “Center”.

Remove the “Michael and Kendell” to the other layers.

Select the other two layers and choose “Slice”.

Delete all the extra layers and drag the “Michael and Kendell” to the center and press “Weld”.

You can add extra text or spend some time designing.

Once done, we can start crafting!

Select “Make It”.

Since we’re doing Iron on for wood technique, make sure you “Mirror” it.

Select “Iron on” as the material and use a fine point blade.

Take the Iron On and load it on your mat. Don’t forget to press fast mode before you click the flashing Cricut button.

Now that you unload it on your mat, we’ll weed it.


And we’re done! Now you have your own Knock Out text that is a perfect gift idea for couples, weddings, to your friends and loved ones. I’m so excited for you to try this super easy method that is perfect for your DIY projects!