7/31 | Cutting Leather With The Cricut Maker – DIY Keychain

Who doesn’t love summer? I love making fun crafts in the summertime. I also love making projects with my friends. I love seeing how different my friends’ creativity is compared to mine. I got all my friends together to show Cutting Leather With The Cricut Maker – DIY Keychain. it was so fun to make and the perfect summer project. All of my friends chose to use different colors of spray paint and vinyl so they all turned out different and unique. We got this quote and the little popsicle shape from Makers Gonna Learn. It’s an amazing membership website that any die cutting lover will enjoy!

  • Cricut Maker
  • Brown Faux Leather Sheet
  • Mint Green Cricut Vinyl
  • Scissors
  • Yellow Spray Paint
  • Transfer Paper
  • Hot Glue Gun

  1. Measure your leather and size how big you’d like your keychain to be.
  2. Once you sized it in Cricut Design Space load the machine and let it do the work!
  3. While it’s cutting, get your scissors and cut a little strip of the extra faux leather you have. This is going to be the loop for the keychain!
  4. Once your popsicle is cut remove the access and load the machine with your mint green Vinyl. Let it cut.
  5. Go outside with your cut popsicle shape and apply a layer of yellow spray paint. Allow it to dry completely.
  6. Unload the machine and weed the excess vinyl and apply transfer tape to the quote.
  7. Hand-cut a vinyl piece to be the stick of the popsicle.
  8. Once the leather has dried carefully adhere the vinyl pieces and remove the transfer paper.
  9. Flip the Popsicle over and hot glue that small piece of leather you cut into a loop, then hot glue it onto the corner of the top of your popsicle.
  10. Add it to your keyring and enjoy!