7/31 | How to make a DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Y’all this is by far my favorite project to date and I am so excited to be sharing it with you today! I had this huge empty wall in my living room that needed to some DIY wall art and that is where this baby comes in. This post will show you how to make a DIY Yarn Wall Hanging. I could have gone the traditional route and hung a bunch of photos in a gallery wall, but I already have one of those on another wall in the same room hahaha. So instead I opted for a 9 FOOT yarn wall hanging. It is definitely a statement piece and was a labor of love. I love the finished result, so it was all so worth it. I think you’ll agree once you see how to make a DIY Yarn Wall Hanging. It’s not even hard, it just takes a while if you are making your’s as big as mine. 

  • Yarn to match your decor (and LOTS of it). I ended up using about 15 skeins.
  • 2- 1 by 2s
  • Circular Saw ( not pictured)
  • Staple Gun

Step One: Cut all of the yarn into strips that ate twice the length you want the longest part of your wall hanging to be. I cut mine to 7 feet. 
Step Two: Cut the 1 x 2s at a 15-degree angle on one of their ends. This is what creates the V shape at the end.

Step Three: Using washi tape, place a long piece of yarn across the entire piece of wood.

Step Four: Starting at the angled end, mark every three inches.

Step Five: Fold a piece of yarn in half, place the folded end under the yarn that is across the wood, and loop it threw itself. Do this until the 3-inch section is filled with that color of yarn all tightly next to one another.

Step Six: Staple the section to the wood to secure the yarn in place.

Step Seven: Repeat this process until both pieces of wood are covered. I left a 3-inch section bare at the end of mine and I really like that look.

What do you think? I don’t think you could possibly love it as much as I do! I love the texture that it brings to the room and how perfectly it matches the rest of the decor in the space. Learning how to make a DIY Yarn Wall Hanging was a really fun experience for me and I hope you enjoy it too. Just be sure to put on a show or movie as you cut, tie, and staple!