7/31 | How To Iron-On a Swimsuit

Everyone knows it’s hard to find cute swimsuits anymore! It’s hard for me to even find my size in a swimsuit most of the time let alone a cute one! Most of the time I’m stuck with the mass made, boring suits that have no pattern or color. If this sounds like you I have the perfect DIY summer project you’ll love. I added so much style and personality to a once boring swimsuit with Cricut Sports Flex Iron-On! You will love learning How To Iron-On a Swimsuit and making your own Revamped Swimsuit, I know I did. This is the perfect teen DIY for summer. The cute design we used is from the membership website Makers Gonna Learn. It’s a great site dedicated to die cutting lovers like you. They have hundreds of cut files and new ones are added every month! Check it out, and I hope you enjoy learning how to make your own DIY swimsuit.

  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut EasyPress
  • Cricut EasyPress Mat
  • Weeding Tool Set
  • Plain Black Swimsuit
  • Pink Cricut Sports Flex Iron-On
  • Purple Holographic Cricut Sports Flex Iron-On
  • Freezer Paper

  1. Measure your swimsuit and size it in Cricut design space to fit well on your suit.
  2. Let the Cricut do the work and cut out your design. Since this is a multi-layered project we used different colors.
  3. Once the Cricut is done cutting your designs now is a good time to preheat your EasyPress. Weed your designs and position them how you would like them on your swimsuit.
  4. Once the EasyPress is preheated lay the suit onto the EasyPress Mat and position your first design. Heat it for the recommended time making sure to use a piece of freezer paper in between the design and the EasyPress, and peel off the transfer sheet.
  5. Lay your other design down, add the transfer sheet back over the design you just heated, and adhere the last one.
  6. Peel up the transfer sheets and enjoy your amazing new Revamped swimsuit!