8/31 | 10 Cricut Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know


Calling all Cricuters. Whether you’re a Cricut pro or a newbie, everyone can benefit from these great Cricut tips. These must-know Cricut hacks are perfect for saving you time and money. From transfer paper alternatives to ways to get more use out of your Cricut mats, this post has it all. I hope you enjoy these 10 Cricut Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know.

1. Press and Seal Cling Wrap Makes Good Cheap Transfer Paper

The worst thing that could happen when you’re trying to make a beautiful vinyl project is when you go to grab your transfer paper, and you’re out! I don’t know about you, but I’ve always got some of that sealing cling wrap in my kitchen. It’s not the perfect fix, but if you’re in a bind it can be a lifesaver!

2. Remove Excess debris From Your Cutting Mat With Lint Rollers

It’s no secret that I use my Cricut almost every day, but you don’t have to craft with it a lot to know how frustrating it is when your vinyl won’t stick to your mat because of little pieces of paper or excess vinyl left on your mat. You could spend hours picking off every little piece off with a weeding tool, or you could grab a cheap lint roller from the store and watch the magic happen.

3. Use This $1 Spray To Clean Your Cricut Mats

This cleaner is from Dollar Tree and believe it or not it’s perfect for cleaning your Cricut mats. It’s called LA’s Totally Awesome All-Purpose Cleaner and it’ll be the best $1 you’ve spent in a long time. Simply spray, soak, and scrape! Perfect for all those small hairs and fibers your lint roller can’t get!

4. Old Gift Cards Make The Perfect Scraper

I know for a fact you probably have at least ten used gift cards sitting in a junk drawer somewhere in your home. When you have bubbles in your vinyl and need to scrape them out, they’re my go-to. They’re firm but flexible enough to get the job done. They’re perfect for scraping over transfer paper to make sure your vinyl is secure as well!

5. Use An Old Tissue Box To Capture All your Vinyl Pieces While Weeding

I know what you’re thinking, but don’t knock it till you try it. You know those tiny pieces of weeded vinyl or iron on that you keep finding all over the floor, in your hair, or on your shoes? Well, keep a tissue box handy and you won’t believe how much of a difference it makes. Once you start using it you’ll never go back.

6. Always Keep Those Plastic Sheets That Come On New Cricut Mats

I know it’s tempting to peel that satisfying plastic sheet off your new Cricut mat, toss it in the garbage, and get crafty; but that’s a no-no. Take 2 extra minutes to place that plastic sheet in a safe place and once you’re done crafting for the day simply stick it back on your mat. It protects your mats from so much dirt and debris.

7. Store Vinyl In IKEA Plastic Bag Dispensers

News flash, these things aren’t just for dispensing bags. They’re perfect to fit 14 basic rolls of vinyl or iron in! Nothing is more satisfying than seeing all of your vinyl and iron on proudly and neatly displayed rather than thrown in a box. Plus it’s so much easier to grab and go rather than dig through a seemingly bottomless bin of unorganized vinyl rolls.

8. Mark The Top Of Your Cricut Mats and Never Load Them Incorrectly Again

I know I’m not the only one who’s loaded my Cricut mat backwards once or twice (or like, 50 times). I get caught up in crafting and shove it in there the wrong way. I decided enough was enough. I got a sharpie and simply drew a few arrows on the top of my mat. To be honest it’s already saved me from making the mistake a few times. The arrows catch my eye and remind me to make sure my mat is facing the correct way. It’s a small change with a big impact!

9. Poking your Cricut Blade into a Ball of Tin Foil Will Sharpen It

I can’t tell you 100% that this does for sure make your blade so much sharper. I can tell you it’s worth trying a few times before you give up and have to buy a new blade. It seemed to make mine sharper though!

10. Use a Spray Adhesive to Make Your Mats Sticky Again

After you used your lint roller (see no. 3) and cleaned your mats with the incredible spray (see no. 4), sometimes they still just aren’t as sticky as the day you peeled that glorious plastic sheet off for the first time. No worries! Grab some spray adhesive and painters tape. Tape off the edges and spray a light coat of adhesive. After its dried overnight, you’re ready to craft again!