8/31 | DIY Succulent Wall

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Hey everyone! I am beyond the point of normal excited about today’s DIY. When I tell you that I am giddy every time I pass by it, I am not exaggerating. Considering that it is in a high traffic area in my house, the amount of excitement it has been able to bring me in the short time that it has been up is a lot. Let me walk you through exactly how I did it so that you can make your own. A little hint- the key to success here is FloraCraft Succulent Picks.

Here is what the wall looked like before the makeover. I had my whole house painted white before I moved in which has made everything look brighter but it made this area, in particular, look so bland. I had hung 3 floating shelves above the dining room table and they were in desperate need of some decorations. I debated between rainbow dishware but ultimately settled on turning it into a DIY Succulent Wall and am so glad that I did!

Step One: Use the painter’s tape to tape off a pattern on each of the pots. Triangles, stripes, waves, and zigzags are all great options.

Step Two: Paint in the sectioned off area. Be sure to brush the paint from the tape inwards and not the opposite way to avoid bleeding.

Step Three: Remove the tape to reveal the beautiful design.

Step Four: Add an appropriate sized Styrofoam Green Foam ball into each pot.

Step Five: Add the FloraCraft Succulent Pick(s) into the foam ball.

Step Six: Add gravel to fill the rest of the pot and cover the foam.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how my DIY Succulent Wall turned out! Don’t you? I think it was the perfect way to bring some color and interest to my dining room. I couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to see how you adapt the DIY Succulent Wall l for your home. If you don’t have a whole wall to dedicate to succulents, you could always just make a few and place with on your windowsill. If you enjoyed this DIY, I bet you’ll also love my DIY Wall hanging!