8/31 | DIY Trunk Table

Hey Friends! So glad you are here today because I am sharing how I made my very own DIY Trunk Table. It’s so cute and has a mid-century vibe which I am all about these days! I actually got this trunk when I went off to college 2 years ago and I kept it under my dorm bed which was on risers, but now that I am living in a house, it doesn’t fit under my regular bed. It is really special to me so I knew I wanted to keep it in the room somehow. I came across some pin legs and new that together they would make the perfect DIY Trunk Table! Let me show you just how easy it was to build. 

  • Trunk
  • 4 pin legs
  • 12 screws
  • a drill

All there really is to this project is screwing on the pin legs to the bottom of the trunk. I ended up not even having to predrill the holes. The one important thing to note here is that you’ll need to position the legs the same distance from each corner. If there are wheels on one end, like mine has, you’ll need to take that into account.

Look at those sleek modern lines and the hight that the pin legs give my favorite trunk. I hope to have this for a while and since it is really sturdy, I think that will be able to happen. Below is a picture of it in its new home in my bedroom as my nightstand. It has been working out so well. Be sure to check out how I DIYed my headboard and my throw pillows too!