8/31 | DIY Pillows from Placemats

Did the title of this post throw you off? It’s totally true, you can actually make DIY pillows from placemats! It is actually one of my very favorite sewing hacks because it’s super easy and inexpensive. Now I will recommend that you use new placemats that haven’t been used around food yet, but hey, to each their own. When I saw these placemats on clearance for $3 at Target, I knew that they would be perfect as pillows in my bedroom. A few months ago, I actually made one into canvas art in this video. Today’s post is how to make DIY pillows from placemats though so let me show you how it is done!

  • Placemats
  • Seam ripper
  • Stuffing
  • Thread
  • Hand Sewing Needle

Step One: Using the seam ripper, rip the seams in the middle of one of the long sides to create about a 3-4 inch opening.

Step Two: Fill it with stuffing. Pro Tip- buy cheap pillows from Walmart instead of stuffing from the craft store to save money.

Step Three: Using a hand needle and thread, sew the opening you created in step one closed.

I love how the look on my bed! The colors are perfect and they have a woven texture which makes them look expensive. You’ll help me keep my secret that they so were not right? I shared my secret of how to make DIY pillows from placemats, so I feel like that is the least you can do for me. Also- you should totally check out how I made the DIY headboard and made my nightstand out of a chest.