8/31 | DIY Applique Lunch Bag

Hey Guys! Back to school time is no longer approaching, it is here. In last minute preparation, I realized that I needed a new lunch bag but couldn’t find one that I really loved. So as any of us DIYers would do, I decided to make one or rather take a super basic one and make it cute. I wanted to add a cactus design and since Clover Wonder Fuse is so great, I thought adding it as an applique design would be an easy and cool way!

Keep reading to learn how to make your own DIY Applique Lunch bag. I’m going to show you how to do multi-layer applique designs and it is going to be a blast.

Step One: Draw the shape of your applique design onto the smooth side of the Wonder Fuse.  If you want to use the same design that I did, you can download this free cactus printable I made for you and just trace it.

Step Two: Roughly cut each part of the design out.

Step Three: Place the rough side of the Wonder Fuse down onto the wrong side of the fabric you have chosen for that part of the design.

Step Four: Cut out each piece individually on the line.

Step Five: Peel the backing paper off, place the applique piece on the lunch box, and using a pressing cloth and the Wedge Iron iron it in place. It is important to make sure you do the bottom-most layer first and then work up. As you’ll see I added the top of the pot last because it overlaps both of the other applique pieces.

Step Six: Stitch around the piece using a tight zig-zag stitch so that one swing of the needle goes into the fabric and then other swing goes into the lunch bag.

Step Seven: Use the same process to add the bottom and the top of the pot to the lunch bag. Then also add the flower buttons to the cactus. If there are any spots of stitching along the cactus that don’t look great, use the buttons to cover those areas.

Look how adorable! It is so much better than any I have found in stores and it feels so personal because I made it with my own hands. Don’t you just love that feeling of wearing and using things you have spent time making? It is a special thing and now that you know how easy it is to applique with Clover Wonder Fuse and Wedge Iron, just imagine all the things you can make!