8/31 | DIY Dog Feeding Station

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Let’s talk about dogs. More importantly, let’s talk about dog food. It may not seem all that important but I assure you it is. As humans, we can eat all different kinds of food in a day to maintain our health. Dogs can’t really do that. They rely on what vitamins and nutrients are in their everyday food. I hate to say it but some dog food brands fall short. I am the mother of several fur babies and I care very much about what’s in my dogs’ food. I want to know I’m giving them the best food that’s tailored to their needs. I am always up for trying out new pet foods, especially if I hear good things about a certain brand from friends or family.I was at my local Walmart and went through the aisle with all of the organizing tubs and things like that. I wasn’t looking for products to organize my closet, however, I really wanted to find a way to organize my dogs’ food in a practical way. I found some stackable plastic drawers and got super inspired. I thought that a drawer would be super helpful to store dog food in. All I had to do was open the drawer and scoop out food as needed. I put the stackable drawers in my cart and kept thinking of other things I could do with them. I thought about how cool it would be if I could find a way to make the drawer even more functional than just storing dog food.I was still brainstorming about my storage drawer when I went to the dog section to look for a new toy for my dog, Trouble. While looking at the toys, I overheard some other pet parents talking about Nature’s Recipe® dog food in the aisle and thought I would take a peek. I remember hearing about it from a co-worker as well. She said that her dogs love it and she feels good about feeding them such premium food. I wasn’t planning on purchasing new dog food that day, but looking back it was a very good decision.

Nature’s Recipe dog food has three flavors; salmon, chicken, and lamb. From just reading the package I could tell this wasn’t your average dog food. Real meat is the #1 ingredient in this food, plus it’s also easy to digest and grain free. It’s a natural food packed with added vitamins and nutrient-dense carbs. That’s where the pumpkin and sweet potato come in! It looked too good to be true. You can click here to see all of the different types of Nature’s Recipe Grain Free food Walmart offers.

I decided to purchase a bag of Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Salmon and see how my fur babies liked it. I noticed that Walmart had so many different types of Nature’s Recipe Grain Free food. Not just different flavors but food specifically designed for puppies, small breeds, as well as larger dogs. That was so great to see! When I finally tore myself away from the dog section, I passed the kitchenware on my way to the Walmart checkout and inspiration hit me again for my storage drawer! I grabbed a few more supplies and got checked out. I was eager to get home and get crafting.

Once home, I took apart my drawers and planned out how I wanted to create my DIY Dog Feeding Station. I had my food and water bowls with a matching scoop I found at Walmart. I traced an outline of my bowls onto the top drawer and cut out circled for them to fit in. Once I got that done, I cut the back of the drawer so I could open and close it easily with the bowls in place. I filled the drawer with my new Nature’s Recipe dog food, as well as added a few scoops and some water to the bowls.My masterpiece was complete! All that was left to do was to see how my dog Trouble would react to his new feeding station and premium pet food! Needless to say, he was impressed. With no preservatives, meat by-products, soy, wheat, corn, or artificial flavors, I was glad to see how much he enjoyed it. Nature’s Recipe provides everything my dog needs to fuel his exciting life.