9/30 | Tiny Party with Evite

Hey guys! I don’t think we have ever been as excited about a post on here than we are for this one! We got the chance to go to LA and put together a #TinyParty with Evite®. It is their 20th birthday and they have been celebrating all year. Right now, they’re celebrating birthday parties for her. If you haven’t heard of Evite Tiny Party Challenge, it is when two teams of designers go head to head while decorating elaborate and amazing parties in a tiny space with a budget of $500 dollars. Almost everybody thought that in order to have a great party you have to have a big space and a budget. But you know what? That’s not true! Today, we are thrilled to show you that you can enjoy, throw a party and have a great time without having a big space and spending too much. Here’s the party that we put together for our friend, Blaise. Stay tuned for lots of good tips for your own parties.

We were so inspired by Blaise’s Instagram presence so we decided to bring it to life for her party- everything from the color scheme to the pinata design. You can watch us set up the whole Evite Tiny Party that we threw right here and while you are there, vote for us for a chance to win prizes!

Blaise loves a good donut and we felt like her party would not be complete without a donut wall, so we built one. We put out treat bags that the guests could also use to take a donut home as a party favor. Cause who doesn’t love a donut for the road?

In addition to the donut wall, we covered an entire wall in glitter balloons that doubles as a great photo backdrop in our tiny space. We also transformed a bar cart into a gift station and used a coffee table as our main eating table by surrounding it with cushions. When throwing a party on a budget, it is important to use what you have on hand and repurposing furniture can help with saving!

I hope you love Blaise’s party as much as we all do! If you want to see even more and watch how Blaise reacted, head on over here! By voting, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $500 Visa gift card AND FUJIFILM Instax® Bundle! I hope you win!

As I’m sure you know, no party would be complete without an Evite invitation. Luckily for you, Evite created a custom one inspired by our party that you can use for your own parties.

This post was sponsored by Evite. Thank you so much for supporting the brand partners that make A Little Craft In Your Day possible.