9/30 | How To Make Blogging Your Job

Blogging is a super popular way to share your talents, opinions, advice, or story on the internet for everyone to see. It can be an incredibly useful creative outlet. Some people even allow blogging to become their source of income! If you enjoy blogging after a long day and you consider it a hobby, that’s great. If you want your hobby to become your passion, and start making money from it, then you need to be determined. It’s not easy to start making money from blogging, but it is possible. Let me share with you from my own personal success, How To Make Blogging Your Job.

Start Creating Useful Content

I know you’re probably thinking “what does my blog’s content have to do with making money from it?”. Well, the truth is you need to have a good solid blog in order to be successful in making income through it. To learn How To Start a Blog, check out the great post we have with step by step instructions! Make sure the content you create is well written, relatable, tailored to your audience, and 100% you. As long as you stay true to yourself and create content that your readers enjoy, you’re off to a good start.

Add Value

When you’re confident that the content you make is useful and doing well then it’s time to go out and add value to your blog, and your name. You’re not going to get more readers by simple daily blogging. When you figure out the exact audience you want on your blog, it’s time to research and find potential readers. Research on social platforms, engage with people you think would enjoy your blog. Be sure to reply to any comments or emails you get in a timely manner. The key here is to build relationships with people. Build a presence, add value, and watch your blog grow. If you want to learn about How Blogging Changed My Life, there’s a great post all about it.

Ways To Earn Money On Your Blog

Once your blog is doing well and you’re dedicated, you can start seeking ways to make money! There are so many different possible streams of income that can be utilized with your blog, but it’s important to know which work for you. Advertising is the most common way to make money on a blog. These are all the annoying ads you see across websites. Once you get them on your site, you make money by how much traffic you have to your blog. The higher the traffic, the more ad money you will receive. 

Using Affiliate Links in your blog posts is another common way to earn some dough. You have to scope out which companies offer affiliate links but they’re worth the effort. Say you wrote a tutorial for a painted mason jar and you listed all of your supplies out like paintbrushes, acrylic paint, and a mason jar. Well if you added affiliate links to those supplies from let’s say Amazon, then if your readers followed that link and purchased an item, you would get a commision for that sale. Cool, right?!

Sponsored Work is pretty fun, too. I would say it’s the most challenging but it’s also super rewarding. It’s a lot easier to get the opportunity to create some sponsored content when you already have pretty good traffic. Most of them also require you to have a good following across a few social media platforms. Because of that, I would say that sponsored content isn’t the best for beginner bloggers but it’s definitely something to work towards! Once you’re ready you just research some sponsored content websites and you’ll be able to apply to campaigns from thousands of different companies and get participating!

This option is also not too common for brand new bloggers to take a chance on, but it can be a huge jump start to making money through your blog. Offering Services or Products you create is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and hopefully provide your readers with something they’ll want to purchase. You can offer tons of freelance services that coincide with your blog. You can also have a lot of success selling physical products like handbags or T-shirts, or you can go virtual and create eBooks or product courses.

Multiple Streams of Income

Don’t kid yourself into believing you should only have one of these income streams in place. The phrase “the more the merrier” fits pretty well here. The more streams of income you have the better your chances are for making more money and the less devastating it will be if one of them starts to fail. Listen to your readers and make sure you’re trying your best to provide them with the content, services, and products they want. As long as your traffic is growing and your products are selling, keep doing what you’re doing.