9/30 | Recycled Beaded Yarn Wall Hanging

This post has been sponsored by Red Heart®. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #redheartyarns #whileiwasyarning

My happy place is in my craft studio making something wonderful. I’ve been looking for new and colorful ways to decorate my home. I love making things myself because not only do I get to save money but I get the satisfaction of knowing that I created my decor with my own two hands. I found a beautiful stick and had to brainstorm some crafts I could make with it. I saw these new Red Heart Yarns and fell in love. The project finally came to me! I decided to make this beautiful Recycled Beaded Yarn Wall Hanging. It didn’t take very long to come together, and it only required a few supplies! It was the perfect project to make some new home decor. I’m so excited to show you all how it came together. It was so easy to make as well! Keep reading so you can find out how to make this craft yourself.

Step One: Cut a bunch of strands of each color of Red Heart Colorscape™ yarn you are going to use on your wall hanging. I cut mine about an arms width- no fancy measuring.

Step Two: Take a group of 10 strands of the first color of yarn and fold them in half. Slip the middle under the branch.

Step Three: Then loop all the ends through the opening of yarn above the branch.  Repeat this process with the different colors of yarn until you are happy with how the branch is covered.

Step Four: Add the wooden beads. For beads of my size, I threaded 3-4 pieces of yarn through each bead. I added them at random places and moved them up to random amounts. After they were all on there, I adjusted them to how I wanted it to look.

Do you love it? I think it turned out fantastic. My favorite thing about this Red Heart Colorscape yarn is that it has so many beautiful colors in it, I didn’t have to buy all the different colors of yarn. It’s all in one, and the colors compliment each other so well. It’s the perfect yarn for all different kinds of projects big and small. The colors are bright and beautiful and it was so helpful not to have to switch colors. I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this, and be sure to go check out all of the Red Heart Colorscape yarn for yourself!