9/30 | The Best DIY Back To School Accessories

By now I think everyone is back in school! I used to enjoy planning for back to school. Getting all of my notebooks and pencils and making sure everything was cute but functional. I always had a problem adding my own personality to some of my school supplies. Makers Gonna Learn cam out with a cool new Back to School collection and I went Cricut crazy! This year everything from my backpack to my water bottle has style and personality. Go check them out to see these, plus over 400 more cut files that you can use for every occasion. Here are The Best DIY Back To School Accessories we made using our favorite die cutting machine, and Makers Gonna learn!

Multi-Layered Backpack Decal and Pins!

It’s no secret that I love snatching clearance items that I can craft with. I found this backpack at Walmart for less than $20. I added a black glitter and gold Iron-On stylish quote to the bag. It was so much easier than I thought to Iron-On a backpack. Then I made some adorable pins that were ironed on as well! There’s no limit to what you can create.

Water Bottle Print and Cut

All we did was grab a gorgeous file from Makers Gonna Learn and print and cut using our Cricut! It’s a simple and easy way to add a pop of style and color to things like a water bottle! Plus if anyone you know has the same bottle as you, it doubles as a way to easily tell whose is whos!

Pencil Case Iron-On Decal

I loved this blue pencil case. I loved that it was $2 even more. I knew I wanted to do something with it, then I just looked through all the great back to school files and found one that would look great on it! I wanted the letters black and I think the purple foil compliments it perfectly.

Easy Planner Stickers

Like the cool water bottle decal, these stickers are simple print and cut designs. They’re great for teachers grading tests, or for kids to help them remember what needs to be done! I love the endless possibilities of these little stickers.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of these fun back to school ideas. Be sure to check out Makers Gonna Learn, too! Happy crafting!