10/31 | The Ultimate Cricut Guide For Beginners

Who doesn’t love crafting? I have always been pretty creative and hands-on, but years ago I was searching for something that could challenge me and take my crafting to the next level. That’s when I discovered the Cricut. With so many machines, accessories, and materials I knew I had found my new favorite thing. As far as die cutting machines go, the Cricut is definitely my all time favorite. I have worked with some other brands in the past, but to be honest they just can’t compare. If you’ve recently bought a Cricut and want to know more about it and what all it can do, you’ll love this post. This is The Ultimate Cricut Guide For Beginners. Also, check out our post that lists 10 Reasons To Buy a Cricut Maker. We want to show you all some Cricut basics that everyone needs to know. From how to Print and Cut, to what mats you should use when crafting, you need all of this great Cricut for beginners information.

How To Iron-On With Your Cricut

This was one thing I was super excited about doing with my Cricut. I loved the thought of using my machine to make all sorts of personalized clothes and accessories. Now that I’ve had my Cricut for a while I know that you can Iron-On so much more than just clothing. You can even Iron-On wood, and we have a post all about how to do that! Check out exactly How To Iron-On Wood. It’s not as hard as you might think, and I actually think it’s pretty fun! One of the handiest products Cricut has come out with recently is definitely the EasyPress. If you have a Cricut and you love to Iron-On, check out this post all about fun EasyPress Hacks you need to know! If you’re looking to buy any Cricut Product or accessory, be sure you buy it off of The Cricut Website! Their selection is huge and their prices are great.

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How To Print and Cut On The Cricut

Print and Cut on the Cricut is so useful! I have found so many wonderful uses for it, and now I feel like every beginner Cricuter needs to know how to use this great feature. One tip I will give is to definitely only use Ink Jet printers! I don’t think laser printers work very well with this process, but we’ve always used our Canon Ink Jet printer and it works like a dream. Check out the video below to learn how to print and cut. We also have a post all about How To Use Cricut printable Vinyl and it’s so much fun! It’s a real game changer when you want to print and cut something and want it to stick to your favorite surfaces. Check it out on their website here.

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How To Clean and Restick Your Cricut Cutting Mats

Everyone knows Cricut Mats get pretty nasty. We found a way to clean them so you don’t have to buy new mats so often. We use a cleaner from the dollar store to make your mats look brand new! Check out the video below to see how to clean your Cricut mats, or you can go read the written tutorial here! Also, if you’ve ever been confused about which color mat to use on a project, this post all about your Cricut Cutting Mats and how to use them will be a life saver!

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Write and Cut With Your Cricut

Writing with your Cricut is so easy and fun. It’s a great way to give a project professional presentation with a personal and homemade feel. This tutorial is ideal for making your own cards. Check out all of the pens that Cricut has here. Once you learn how to write and cut, you will be creating and exploring all your Cricut can do in no time. The video below will show you how to do it, it’s so easy and fun to write and cut. The Cricut can do so much. Check out these 10 Cricut Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know, I bet they’ll blow your mind!

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Cricut Design Space For Beginners

I know Cricut Design Space can be intimidating. It definitely was for me, but truthfully, you can’t get the most out of your machine until you’ve mastered Design Space. It’s not that hard and once you learn and practice you’ll see everything you’re able to do. You will need to use Design Space for every project you make whether it’s a thank you card for your neighbor or a dozen jerseys for your niece’s soccer team. Learn it, live it, love it. Below is a video that breaks down the basics of design space and helps you understand how you can use it to your advantage. If you’re interested in learning How To Download and Use SVG in Cricut Design Space, that is a super useful post as well. We also have a fun one all about How To Knockout Text in Cricut Design Space to make some really cool projects.

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Best Projects, Techniques, and Tips For Beginners

Just starting out can be overwhelming. It’s good to set a goal to learn one new technique a week. Practice makes perfect, and I hope you’ve enjoyed learning all of these must-know Cricut techniques. If you’re looking for a great membership website that was built for die cutting lovers like you, you HAVE to go check out Makers Gonna Learn. The site has over 400 files for every occasion that are perfect to use when making any and all projects! New files come out every month and they’re ideal for beginners because they’re so easy to use! Be sure to check it out, and below I’m going to list off some more super useful posts we have that can help you master your Cricut and make some seriously awesome projects!

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I hope you have enjoyed learning all of these great Cricut tips for beginners. I love helping people get motivated to craft better. Whether you’re new to Cricut or you can call yourself a pro, everyone needs a little help sometimes. This post is full of Cricut projects for beginners, Cricut how-to’s as well as reviews to help you decide if you should invest in your Cricut. After reading this post, you’ll be a Cricut pro in no time. Happy crafting!