10/31 | DIY Stenciled Doormat

If you are a pet lover, passionate about puns, or if pizza completes you, you’ll love this post! I am so excited to share with you how to make a DIY Stenciled Doormat. Everytime a guest walks in your door, the personalized DIY Stenciled Doormat will have they laughing. Now let’s get into the tutorial.

  • a plain regular doormat
  • Cricut
  • Vinyl
  • 12×24 Mat
  • Transfer Paper
  • Weeding Tool
  • Spray Paint

Step One: Upload and size your cut file in Cricut Design Space. This cute one is from our membership site, Makers Gonna Learn.

Step Two: Place the vinyl on the mat, load it into the Cricut, and cut the design out.

Step Three: Weed the design to create a stencil. This means you will weed out the letters themselves and leave the inside holes as well as the background.

Step Four: Use transfer paper to lift the vinyl stencil design off of the backing.

Step Five: Place the design centered on the doormat. You can then use the transfer to cover some of the exposed mat to protect it from overspray.

Step Six: Spray in the exposed letters and shapes with your choice of spray paint. Be sure to use a contrasting color for best readability.

I love how this one turned out! If you are a pet lover, there is a full pet collection included in the Makers Gonna Learn membership. I hope that you loved learning how to create your own DIY Stenciled Doormat and I’m excited to hear what you’d put on yours!