10/31 | Life Hacks

Life hacks are pretty cool. All too often we see fun little ideas of how we can use something in a more functional way, or we are shown an easier way to complete daily life tasks! No matter how big or little the payoff is, life hacks are cool. I’ve used life hacks that I never thought I would use. If you’ve ever wondered what some great life hacks are, it’s your lucky day.

1.Making Arrow Heads from Old Keys 

2.Mosquitoes and Traps

3.Mount Towel Racks Inside a Cabinet 

4.Hide Bill in a Cellphone Case 

5.How to Clean a Shower Head 
6.Remove Hulls from Strawberries using Straw 

7.Color code your Keys

8.No Sew Table Skirt 

9.Open a SIM card tray when an ejector tool isn’t around 

10.Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Effortless

11.Perfect Smartphone Holder 

Are these hacks not so cool? I love seeing the different ways these fun little hacks can make your life so much easier. One thing I know I’ve done for years is color code my keys with nail polish! I can never tell them apart and a little swipe of polish really does the job. I hope you enjoyed these life hacks as much as I did.