10/31 | 15 Beginning Sewing Patterns You Can Make in Under an Hour

Do you catch yourself saying, “I wish I had time to sew”? I did too and then I thought, “I bet I can squeeze a quick project in.” Guess what? I totally could and I bet you can too! Even if you only have an hour. This post will show you 15 beginning sewing patterns you can make in under an hour. You know what that means- no more excuses.

We all can sew and we all will sew! While watching a movie, you can complete two of these projects. How cool is that? I’m so excited about these beginner sewing patterns guys; you have no idea! I think you’ll be really excited about them too! 

15 Beginning Sewing Patterns You Can Make in Under an Hour

When I have a little bit of free time on my hands, I head straight to the sewing room to whip up one of these beginning sewing patterns. They are so fun to make not to mention so so cute. I think my favorite is #7. Thick what great gifts these easy sewing projects would make! Its almost like you would never have to buy a gift again, just DIY them all.

I think you will all find this post that a wrote a little while back really helpful too- 10 Sewing Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know. With those hacks up your sleeve, I bet you could get a lot of these projects done way faster too. I call that a WIN-WIN!

1. Simple Headband 

2. Tic-Tac-Toe On The Go

3. Boxer Pajama Shorts

4. Cord Keepers

5. Five Minute Drawstring Bag 

6. Tissue Holder

7. Simple Apron 

8. Toiletries Roll 

9. Pajama Pants 

10. Hooded Towels

11. DIY Chapstick Holder 

12. Key Fob with Hidden Compartment 

13. DIY Sling Bag 

14. DIY Scrunchies 

15. Denim Pencil Pouch