10/31 | 10 Cooking Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

I love to cook. I really enjoy learning new things that makes me a better cook everyday! I wanted to share some of my favorite and most used cooking tips that I know you will enjoy. If you’re just a cooking beginner these will also help you so much! From tips to separate your eggs, to how to get the perfect spaghetti portion every time, Here are 10 Cooking Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. Use a Straw To Remove Stems From Strawberries

2. A Hot Glass Over Butter Will Soften It Quickly

3. Pour Omelet Mixture Into a Muffin Tin For an On The Go Breakfast 

4. Wine Glass Rolling Pin

5. Water Bottle For Perfect 1 Person Portion of Spaghetti 

6. Eggs in Water Sink If They’re Fresh and Float If They’re Old 

7. Freezing Herbs in Olive Oil For Easy Cooking 

8. Separate Eggs From Yolks With a Water Bottle 

9. Mason Jar Rings Keep Eggs In Perfect Shape

10. Cut Cake Perfectly With Dental Floss

How much do you love these cooking hacks? I can’t decide which are my favorite. I love the hack of freezing herbs in oil, it really does make cooking so much easier. So does the glass that softens butter. I have wanted to make homemade cookies so many times and was having to wait for my butter to come to room temperature, it’s so handy! I hope you all love these life hacks as much as I do. They’re perfect beginner cooking tips for anyone.