10/31 | 8 Free Sewing Patterns for Beginners

Sewing can be an expensive hobby. If you have been sewing for more than 5 minutes, I bet you have come to realize that. For me learning how to sew was such an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade it for the world or all the money I put into it back. However, as I learned more about the world of sewing, I came to find out that there are a lot of great FREE sewing patterns out there. If you are a beginner and looking for some easy sewing patterns to get the hang of your sewing machine and improve your sewing skills, you’ll want to check this post out because I am about to save you some serious cash. These 8 free sewing patterns for beginners are incredible. The instructions are well written and easy to follow. With these free sewing patterns for beginners, you’ll be sewing up a storm without breaking the bank. If saving is up your alley, you’ll also want to check out this list of sewing hacks. There are some huge money and time savers in there!

I just cannot get over how adorable these patterns are. I’m already thinking of all the new fabric I can buy since I’ll be using free sewing patterns for beginners instead of buying patterns that can be pretty pricey.
1. Free Tank Top Sewing Pattern

2. Free Potholder Sewing Pattern

3. Free Underwear Sewing Pattern

4. Free Headphone Cord Wrapper Sewing Pattern

5. Free Lace Shorts Sewing Pattern

6. Free Hooded Robe Sewing Pattern

7. Free Neck Pillow Sewing Pattern

8. Free Basket Tote Sewing Pattern