11/30 | 10 Home Improvement Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

All of us want a nice and beautiful home to live in, but most of us can’t afford those costly home renovations and repairs.  Fortunately, I found 10 Home Improvement Hacks that will show you that renovating shouldn’t break the bank. There are cheaper ways to do some home repairs without needing an expensive professional. Whether you need a new look in your kitchen or some foolproof tips for minor home repairs, these 10 Home Improvement Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know will have you on your way to easy home improvement!

1.Tile Your Backsplash 

2.Install Crown Molding The Easiest Way 
3.Cleaning the Tub Sometimes, it’s really challenging to clean a bathtub. I’ve been scrubbing our tub forever and it still looked unclean. This hack definitely helped me a lot! I didn’t expect that the results would be amazing.

4.Cover An Ugly Backsplash  

5.How To Caulk Like A Pro 
6.Easy Faux Thick Baseboard Trick 
7.DIY Paint Stripes  This will definitely be on my to-do list the next time I need to re-paint my bathroom walls. I love how the stripes blended in, it’s simple yet it made the wall looked great!

8.How To Re-Grout Your Shower 

I’ve tried so many cleaning products just to make my bathroom tiles clean but it all failed. Good thing I found this hack, it’s super effective and the result is spotless!

9.Paint A Bathtub 

This is a must try! I never ever thought that you could paint a bathtub. That’s why it’s really great to know that you can.

10.Cement Step Repair  

What can you say about these Home Improvement Life Hacks? Do you also have a Home Improvement Life Hack to share? I Hope you enjoyed this round up as much as I did! Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below.