11/30 | Tons of Scrap Fabric Sewing Projects

Sewing is my favorite thing to do, but buying fabric is a close second! I had a huge stash of scrap fabric leftover from bigger projects that I didn’t know what to do with. I went on a search for scrap fabric sewing projects and found so many good ones that I just knew I had to share them with you. And so this post of tons of scrap fabric sewing projects was born.

These are all beginner sewing projects that will help you use up those scraps and make room for more fabric in your stash. The end goal is always more fabric, at least for me it is! I never would have thought to make some of these projects and cannot believe that they are all scrap fabric sewing projects because they are all great-looking. 

Tons of Scrap Fabric Sewing Projects

It would be really hard for me to pick a favorite of these scrap sewing projects, but I might have to lean towards #12. Which one do you like the most?

Just getting started with sewing? Learn how to master sewing a perfect hem every time! 

1. Scrap Fabric Pillow Case 

2. DIY Tea Bag Bookmarks made out of scrap fabric 

3. DIY Headphone Pouch made out of scrap fabric

Tangled headphones in your bag? Forget about it. This will keep them safe and contained. 

4. Wire Headband made out of scrap fabric 

5. DIY Scrunchies

6. How to Sew Underwear

7. DIY Fold Over Snack Bags made out of scrap fabric 

8. DIY Key Fob with Zipper Compartment 

We. Love. This. Perfect for those times when you simply don’t want to carry an entire purse! 

9. DIY Sunglass Case made out of scrap fabric 

10. DIY Pot Handle Cover made out of scrap fabric 

Keep your hands protected when you cook! 

11. DIY Needlebook made out of scrap fabric  

12. DIY Scallop Neck Tee made out of scrap fabric 

13. DIY Handwarmers made out of scrap fabric

14. Keychain Chapstick Holder made out of scrap fabric 

Never lose your chapstick again. 

15. How to Cover Converse with Scrap Fabric

Update your shoes with this simple project. 

16. DIY Journaling Pencil Holder made out of scrap fabric 

What a handy idea! We love this for school books too. 

These are not only great ways to use up your scrap fabric, but they make great gifts too. Perfect for stocking stuffers, Easter basket fillers, and just little gifts for neighbors, teachers, and to give to friends for no special occasion at all. Happy sewing!