11/30 | 10 Camping Ideas You Probably Didn’t Know

Camping can be intimidating if you haven’t tried it before. It can also be scary if it’s your first time. For me, camping is an exciting, fun and healthy way to spend with your friends and family. It’s a great outdoor activity that you and your family will definitely enjoy.  So today, I decided to share with you these Hacks that will let you be a happy camper. Here are 10 Camping Ideas You Probably Didn’t Know to help you get started.

1. Tin Can Grill Tin Can Grill
2. Hand Washing Station  Hand Washing Station
3. Mason Jar Citronella Torches Mason Jar Citronella Torches
4. Scrambled Eggs in a Bottle Scrambled Eggs in a Bottle

Bringing eggs can be a mess when you brought it on its eggshell. Storing it in a container is a perfect hack when you go  camping.

5. DIY Portable Tin Can Rocket Stove DIY Portable Tin Can Rocket Stove
6.Cooking on a Log Cooking on a Log
7.Turn Soda Cans Into a Portable Camp Stove  Turn Soda Cans Into a Portable Camp Stove
8.Daily Medicine Containers for a Portable Medicine Cabinet  Daily Medicine Containers for a Portable Medicine Cabinet

9.Make Your Own Emergency Toilet  Make Your Own Emergency Toilet

When you’re out in the woods, it’s really hard to find a decent toilet where you can do your “thing”. You’ll surely want to make this DIY the next time you go on camping.

10.Mason Jar Matchbox  Mason Jar Matchbox 

I always lost my matchbox every time I go on a camping trip. Bringing a Mason Jar matchbox is the perfect solution for me.

What can you say about these Camping Hacks? Don’t you just feel like your ready for your next camping adventure? Let us know your favorite by leaving us a comment below.

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