11/30 | DIY Christmas Paper Crafts

I love making crafts during Christmas. Most of the time I’m making larger home decor projects but I’ve decided to make some simpler paper crafts this holiday season. I wanted to get creative and think of some super useful DIY Christmas Paper Crafts and I’ve made some I think you all will really enjoy. From DIY gift tags to ways you can create your own gift box you will love these DIY Christmas craft ideas! All of these quotes and designs you see in the projects all came from Makers Gonna Learn! It’s a fun membership website that had hundreds of digital cut files for every occasion. It was made for die cutting lovers like you, and new files are added every month. Be sure to check it out, and I hope you enjoy these fun Christmas projects.

1. DIY Christmas Card

I adore this card. It’s so cute and the touch of adding our Happy Holiday file along with a cute photo really made this card great.

2. DIY Gift Boxes and Tags

Aren’t these adorable? You can make your own boxes and personalize them with the help of your die cutting machine and Makers Gonna Learn!

3. Paint Chip Gift Tags 

All we did was apply vinyl onto these paint chips, hole punch the top, and added ribbon. Who needs to pay for gift tags when these are basically free?

4. Easy Print and Cut Card 

This card was as simple as print then cut with your die cutting machine. It doesn’t get any easier than that. It’s easier than ever before to make your own holiday cards!

5. Funny Print and Cut Gift Tags 

These, just like the card before this are simple print and cut tags! I love the one that says “this present doesn’t suck” it’s so cute!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Christmas paper craft ideas. I love how they all turned out. Don’t forget to check out Makers Gonna Learn for tons of inspiration, too!