11/30 | How To Build a Fire Pit


Now that the weather is cooler everyone is wanting to make fires on cool fall evenings, including me! I love roasting marshmallows and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa by the fire. This summer I decided to make my own DIY Fire Pit. Now I want to show you How To Build a Fire Pit for yourself. It was less than $50 and the memories we’ll make around the fire will be priceless. There are several ways you can make it and lots of different supplies you can choose, but we stuck with the simple way. If you’re looking for a fun fall activity that will be enjoyed for years to come, look no further.


  • 36 Stone Pavers
  • 2 Bags of Sand
  • Shovel

How To Make It:

  1. Place 4 pavers on the 4 sides around the spot you want your fire pit to go.

2. Now place 8 more stones around the 4 you placed, this ensures the circle is perfectly round!

3. Mark all around your pavers with a shovel, remove the pavers and dig out the entire circle about 3 inches.

4. Add your pavers back when your circle has been dug, and add your bags of sand to the bottom of the pit.

5. Stack your pavers, 12 on each row, until you’ve used all 36 and you have 3 tiers of pavers. Be sure to keep a little space between your first layer of pavers. That ensures enough oxygen can get to your fire.

I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial! It’s so awesome knowing you could head outside and have a fire any night of the week.