11/30 | The Ultimate Gift Guide for Crafty Kids

What’s up, everyone? I am so excited to share today’s inspiration with you all. I’m talking about showing you all a ton of super fun craft ideas for your kiddos! These great products from Kid Made Modern are perfect for your kids to make this holiday season. A lot of the time when parents are busy decorating or cooking for the holidays you need a crafty solution so the kids can have fun and stay occupied. This is The Ultimate Gift Guide for Crafty Kids and these products are a must for your kids. I hope you enjoy learning about all of them!

Arts and Crafts Supply Library  

How cute is this Arts and Crafts Library? It has everything your kids need to make all kinds of fun projects. The only thing not included is your kids’ unique imagination.

Holiday Craft Kit 

Perfect for the holidays, this Holiday Craft Kit is the perfect solution for your kids to have fun and stay festive during the holidays. They can make all kinds of crafts for decorating your home or to give as gifts to friends and family.

Go Make Stuff Coloring Page T-Shirt 

I love products like this because not only is this a T-Shirt, but it’s a wearable product where kids can express their creativity. Let your kiddos personalize their shirts however you’d like and once they’ve grown out of them, it’s a perfect keepsake!

Complete Brush Set 

I love so much about this brush set. Not only are there 24 brushes in the set, but they are high-quality brushes and they even have short descriptions on the brushes so kids could have an idea on what to use which brush for. Hoe cool is that?

Wooden Robot Craft Kit  

What’s better than letting your kids’ imaginations run wild as they paint and personalize their own robot? This cute Wooden Robot Craft Kit also includes stickers for even more personalization opportunities.

Wonderous Watercolor Kit 

If your kids love to paint, this is the kit for them! This Wonderous Watercolor Kit includes everything you need to start painting; watercolors, paper, even paintbrushes! These watercolors are artist quality and tons of fun.

Washable Paint Set

This washable Paint Set is ideal for potentially messy little ones. Included are 12 colored washable paint colors, 2 brushes, some Bristol paper, a palette, and keep it all organized in a storage box. What more could you want?

Confetti Crayons 

Kids will have so much fun with these Confetti Crayons! They’re non-toxic and are even sharpened on both ends so you have even more crafting opportunities. Coming in a set of 12 with so many different wild colors, any picture is a fun one with these crayons.

Woven Notebook Kit

Talk about a fun time-consuming craft! This is so unique because this Kit allows you to create your own book cover. The only limit is your imagination, and the Kit comes with everything you need to make your notebook one-of-a-kind.

On the Go Drawing Kit 

Any trip you go on with little ones is a hard one. Crafting makes it easier. The On-The-Go Drawing Kit from Kid Make Modern makes it the easiest. Colored pencils, paper, and carrying case makes buying this Drawing Kit a no-brainer.

I hope you all enjoyed these craft products as much as we did. These supplies and kits would make perfect gifts for Christmas or any birthdays coming up. I love helping kids channel their creativity and Kid Made Modern helps them do that.

Thanks so much to Kid Made Modern for sponsoring this gift guide. Also, thanks to all of you who support that sponsors that make A Little Craft In Your Day Possible.