12/31 | DIY Sweater Pillows

Don’t throw out that sweater just because it doesn’t fit anymore or you got a hole in the sleeve! Up-cycle it instead! These DIY sweater pillows are a great way to reuse an old sweater and turn them into cozy home decor. You can also buy sweaters to use for this project for cheap at thrift stores!  This is a great inexpensive sewing project and a great beginner sewing project!

  • an old sweater
  • fabric scissors
  • sewing machine + thread
  • stuffing
  • sewing clips

Step One: Start by cutting the middle section of the sweater. You’ll want the top and bottom to be perpendicular to the sides.

Step Two: Flip that middle section inside out and use sewing clips to close up the top and bottom. You don’t have to use them if you think you can keep it aligned during the sewing process.

Step Three: Sew down the top and bottom sides leaving about a 3 inch gap in the middle of the bottom side.

Step Four:  Use the gap you left in step three to turn the pillow right side out.

Step Five: Fill the pillow with the stuffing.  Tip- buy cheap pillows at Walmart or Target instead of stuffing from the fabric store!

Step Six: Fold in the raw edges of the gap and sew it closed.

As you can see I made a bunch after I figured out how to make a DIY Sweater Pillow! I filled my furry chair up with them and now that spot is even more cute and cozy! I love the DIY Sweater Pillow Look for the cooler winter months.

I like to have some pops of bright colors in my living room, but if you don’t just pick out more neutral sweaters at the thrift store.