12/31 | DIY Wedding Flowers – Wedding Centerpieces

Hey guys, I’m excited to share another one of my DIY Wedding posts with you! Last time I told you all How To Make Wedding Cupcakes, now I get to share all of my DIY Wedding Flowers – Wedding Centerpieces. Michaels was so generous to help me make my wedding dreams a reality, and I can’t wait to show you all how you can have the wedding of your dreams too.

My family and I went to Michales and basically raided the whole store. When we left the floral section, in particular, was wiped out. We made all kinds of DIY flower arrangements, all of our DIY Table Centerpieces, and tons of other flower arrangements we had throughout the venue. We looked all around the store and found so many cute buckets and pots to arrange our flowers in. We found some wooden buckets that were so stinking cute! Then we saw some galvanized watering cans that we just had to have.

All of the table centerpieces were made in quart mason jars. We found some chalky finish spray paint to paint all of the jars quickly and efficiently. I love chalky finish paint and when I found some in a spray paint can at Michaels, buying it was a no-brainer.

We needed so much floral foam and a brand new hot glue gun. We didn’t have to go to any more stores, Michaels was a one stop wedding shop! Once the flowers for the centerpieces were done, all we added to the table were some beautiful wood slabs along with little rustic pumpkins and small mason jars filled with silk rose petals.

We even used foam wreath bases to make beautiful flower arrangements that we placed around rustic lanterns. It’s a creative way to use products like that for new unintended uses. Making DIY flower arrangements can be time-consuming but so rewarding. Once you find your base, whether that’s a foam wreath like this or floral foam in a vase, all you have to do is channel your inner creativity and pair your flowers and fillers together to make something beautiful.

I always use hot glue as well to really adhere the flowers to their bases. One thing I love about the flowers I found at Michaels is that you can really work with them. A lot of times with fresh flowers you can’t manipulate them to look exactly how you want. With these flowers, you can bend, cut, and move them wherever you’d like to make sure you achieve the look you want. Plus they last forever! No worry of these flowers wilting!

I would like to thank my friends and family as well as Michaels for making my wedding a dream come true. I would also like to give my amazing photographer Jyn Armstrong of Jyn Allen Photography a shout out. She did an amazing job capturing one of the happiest days of my life.

I’m so glad I chose to make my own flowers and arrangements for my DIY wedding! I am truly blessed with an unbelievably talented family that went above and beyond to create the most beautiful flower arrangements. I loved being so involved in my wedding, and you will too.