12/31 | My DIY Wedding


Hey everyone! I’m excited to share the final post all about My DIY Wedding! You’ve seen my posts about How To Make Wedding Cupcakes and my DIY Wedding Flowers, but today I want to give you all a full overview of my DIY big day! Thanks to Michaels my wedding was basically a one-stop shop. I got everything to make my flowers, favors, decor, and more. I will be breaking my wedding down into sections and giving you full lists of all the amazing products and supplies I bought at Michaels that made my big day perfect. 


My DIY Wedding Decor was beautiful! Some of it was bought, but most of it was handmade! From candles to silk flower petals, below I have compiled a list of everything I used for my decor. Buying all of it would be easy, but making it yourself is an amazing way to add a personal touch to every piece. Plus you would save a ton of money making it yourself!

We used so many products to make our decor beautiful, and Michales had it all.

  • Darice® 2.5″ Natural Burlap Ribbon – We used this burlap all over the venue! We loved making bows out of it to tie onto each row of the ceremony chairs.
  • 108″ White Tulle – We also used this beautiful tulle to make into bows and tie on the ceremony chairs along with the burlap bows!
  • Ashland® Pillar Candles – We arranged these beautiful candles all around the venue. We found them in multiple heights and they looked beautiful.

  • Lillian Rose™ Rose Petals in Pink and Red –  We used these in some mason jars as well as sprinkled them all along the sides of the aisle.
  • We used several different kinds of Pumpkins from Michaels. We wanted all white pumpkins and they had a great selection for our fall wedding!
  • The large selection of rustic Lanterns was amazing, and we scattered different ones all around the venue.
  • Darice® Natural Barky Wood Slice Plaque – These wood slices were under all the centerpieces. They looked beautiful and gave a super rustic feel to the already stunning whitewashed barn.


My DIY Flowers were beautiful. We made all of the centerpieces, tons of arrangements scattered around the venue, and even all of the bouquets and boutonniere were made by my family. We got everything from floral foam to hot glue at Michaels, and our flowers were unbeatable. To read a more in-depth post all about our arrangements, check out my post titled DIY Wedding Flowers.

I love the selection of products Michaels has for anyone wanting to make flower arrangements. It’s perfect for any wedding at any time of the year. You can find exactly what you’re looking for and so much more.

  • Westcott® Glue Gun – This glue gun was used endlessly during the wedding crafting. We used it on almost every project, much like the one above where we hot glued jute around bottles.
  • Ball® Quart Mason Jars – These mason jars came in handy all around the venue. We used them to hold the centerpieces as well as the send-off bubbles!
  • Krylon® Chalky Finish Spray Paint – This stuff is amazing! We used it to paint all of the mason jars for the centerpieces. Nothing is better than chalky finish paint, accept maybe chalky finish SPRAY paint!


The cake is a very important part of a wedding! Everyone looks forward to the wedding cake. We got to make our own, and we got everything we needed at Michaels. From icing to wrappers and toppers, our DIY Wedding Cupcakes looked amazing.

Not only did we make our own cupcakes, but we even made a three-tiered cake and decorated it with fresh flowers. Everything was so beautiful. I will give you all the links to all the products I used to make my cupcakes beautiful, but if you want a more in-depth tutorial on how to make them, check out my other post titled How To Make Wedding Cupcakes.

  • Light Brown Standard Baking Cups – These baking cups popped so well with the white lace cupcake wrappers. Simple and beautiful.
  • Wilton®Open Star 1M Decorating Tip – This 1M piping tip is my go-to! It’s the only one I use. It’s the perfect beginner piping tip as well.
  • Wilton® Sprinkles™ Sugar Pearls in Pink and White – These sugar pearls looked beautiful sprinkled on the cupcakes. We used the roses on some and the pearls on others. The cupcakes looked perfect and balanced.
  • Wilton® Disposable Decorating Bags – These are a must for any cake decorator. Plus the disposable ones are easier. I don’t like washing out the reusable ones.
  • Your Favorite Royal Icing Recipe, or Wilton® Royal Icing in White – For when your homemade icing recipe is just too time-consuming! This royal icing is delicious.
  • Wilton® 9″ Angled Spatula – You never know when you’ll need a good angled spatula. We used this to touch up our cupcakes as well as spread all the icing onto the three-tiered cake.


I was debating on my Wedding Send-Off Idea for a while. I know that sparklers are popular, I’ve seen confetti and bird seed. I was honestly trying to think of what send-off idea would make the least amount of mess. When deciding you also have to think about what time it will be when you’re sent off. If it will be dark, sparklers are probably the best idea. If it’s early enough then really you can do whatever you’d like. We decided to use bubbles!

We got everything we needed to make my wedding favors happen at Michaels. Much like the pumpkins we used, some seasonal decor we got at Michaels may not be available in stores year-round. That being said, I will still give you all evert link I can!

I would like to thank my friends and family as well as Michaels for making my wedding a dream come true. I would also like to give my amazing photographer Jyn Armstrong of Jyn Allen Photography a shout out. She did an amazing job capturing one of the happiest days of my life.

I was blown away with my DIY Wedding. I had so much fun getting involved in my big day, and the money I saved doing so much myself was well worth it. If you are thinking about having your own DIY Wedding, you won’t regret it. Go get inspired at Michaels and let them help you create the best Do It Yourself Wedding.

I know some people might want to know who my few vendors are, and where this beautiful wedding was held! Below I will list my venue as well as all vendors.

Venue: The Barn at Williams Manor

Catering: Southern Hospitality Catering

Photography: Jyn Allen Photography

Videography: Lions Creative LLC

Dress: David’s Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Beauty By BAG