12/31 | DIY Projects That Look Like The Real Deal


Have you experienced the feeling when you went to the store and you liked something but it’s just way to expensive for you to buy? There is a saying “Why buy when you can DIY?”, so today I decided to share with you some DIY high-end decor that doesn’t have to come with a designer price tag. These DIY projects look just as awesome as the store-bought versions that would cost less! So what are we waiting for, here are some DIY Projects That Look Like The Real Deal:

1.DIY Photo Canvas 

2.DIY Hairpin Legs  
3.DIY Anthro-Inspired Jacare Tassel Pillow 
4.Knock-Off Photo Frame 
5.Bench Knock Off 
6.Pottery Barn Rope Knot Lamp 
7.Oversized Vintage Map 
8.Jordan Dresser Knock-off 
9.Agate Night Light 
10.DIY Brinkley Beveled Mirror
11.Gold Bow Stationery 
12.Paper Towel Holder 
13.Stacked Wood Lamp
14.Gold Pencil Holder

Don’t you just want to make these DIY projects? I believe that these projects are the “Real Deal”. I can’t wait to get crafty and make one of these. These will be perfect as home decor or a great gift idea especially now that the holiday seasons are coming up. What do you think of these ideas? Don’t forget to leave us a comment below.