12/31 | DIY Reusable Bowl Covers

I love this earth we live on, don’t you? While we could go hug trees all day long, I think this beginner sewing project will actually be more beneficial. I am excited to share with you how to make DIY Reusable Bowl Covers. They are pretty fun to make and I love having them on hand, instead of constantly reaching for aluminum foil or cling wrap. I know that you are ready for this easy sewing pattern- so here we go!

  • fabric- this is the perfect project for fat quarters
  • elastic
  • fabric scissors
  • ruler and marker (not pictured)
  • sewing clips
  • safety pin
  • iron
  • sewing machine

Step One: Place the bowl you want to make a cover for right side down ontop of the fabric. Your fabric should have the wrong side facing up. Using a ruler, mark two inches from the bowl all the way around.

Step Two: Connect all the markings to create a circle.

Step Three: Cut out the circle you drew.

Step Four:  Use a hem gauge to create a hem all the way round the fabric circle. DIY HEM GUIDE TUTORIAL HERE! Since your fabric is in the shape of a circle, this will be a little different, but just have the tip of the circle meet the line on the hem gauge and  keep working your way around.
Step Six: Use Sewing clips to keep the hem in place I decided not to be super picky and double fold the hem, so on the inside of my bowl cover, you can see the raw fabric edge.

Step Seven: Sew close to the raw edge of your fabric all the way around the circle but leave about a 1-2 inch gap.

Step Eight: Cut a piece of elastic cord about 5 inches smaller than the circumference of your bowl. Attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic. ((This is one of the 10 AWESOME Sewing Hacks from this post!))

Step Nine: Guide the elastic with the safety pin on the end all the way through the channel. When both ends meet, tie them in a knot.

Step Ten: Sew the hole you left in step seven closed. Be sure not to sew on your elastic.

Walla! You are going to love making these for yourself to have on hand in the kitchen. I am always looking for fat quarter projects to make with the fat quarters of pretty fabric that I can never seem to resist. Making easy sewing projects like these that I get to use in my everyday life is my favorite. It makes me happy to use things that I spend time making.