12/31 | Hair Styling Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

Hey everyone! Today on the blog I’m going to share with you some Hair Styling Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know. Whether your hair is long or short, thick or fine, curly or straight. These hacks will definitely give you an inspiration on how to style your hair, so you must check these roundups out!

1. How To Make Fine Hair Look Thicker

Sleeping on wet hair is not recommended especially if you have fine or lifeless hair because it can make your hair to flatten or worse.

2. Wavy Curls

Using hairspray and curling iron can add volume to your hair.

3. Hair Trends To Get Behind Before Summer

4. Curling Hair with a Flat Iron

5. Brush Up

Here are some great tips on how to use those brushes!

6. The Perfect Side Bang

7. The Longer, Fuller Ponytail 

The further away from your first pony, the longer your hair will look

8. Vintage Waves

Learn the different methods for wrapping and the types of curls.

9. Properly Wear a Bobby Pin

The correct way to wear a bobby pin is, indeed, with the wavy side down.

10.Cooking Curls

I can’t wait to try these hacks on my own hair! I can’t believe that I’m using the bobby pin wrong until now. What about you? What’s your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below.