12/31 | Easy 2 Step Cricut Projects


If you love your Cricut as much as I do then sometimes you need some simple projects to make sometimes. I love my multi-layer, 10 step, unique Cricut projects as much as the next crafter but sometimes I want an easy Cricut project. Today I want to show you some great Easy 2 Step Cricut Projects that you can make right now. From phone cases to home decor ideas, these Cricut crafts are so much fun. These are also perfect beginner Cricut projects because they’re so easy to make. All of the designs in these crafts are from Makers Gonna Learn. It’s a digital die cutting membership website made for die cutting lovers like you! The site has over 500 cut files and more are added every month, be sure to check it out! I hope you enjoy these fun projects.

1. Ceramic Mugs

2. Galvanized Planters

3. Phone Case

4. Paper Mache Box

5. T-Shirt 

6. Laptop Case

What did you think of these projects? I love how they’re all so simple. These are also perfect to use up all of those vinyl and Iron-On scraps! I have a huge scrap bin and I love finding projects to use them on. Also, my favorite color is blue, which is why most of these projects are blue, haha! These easy Cricut projects are perfect to make on a lazy afternoon while watching your favorite show.