12/31 | How to Sew With Faux Fur

Sewing with faux fur can seem intimidating or impossible, but with these tips on how to sew with faux fur it is pretty easy! There are so many patterns out there right now that would look amazing made with fur. It is great for winter apparel and cozy home decor. I can’t wait to hear about all the things you make now that you have the tips needed to have success with it.

Tips for Sewing with Faux Fur

  1. Pick a pattern or project that was designed for faux fur or you can adapt a basic pattern. You will want to avoid complicated patterns with any gathers, darts, or curves. Straight lines are best when sewing with faux fur. Because of its thickness, furs aren’t able to everything thinner fabrics are capable of.
  2. Faux Fur is expensive. Be sure to wait for a good sale or use a coupon at the fabric store!

  3. Be sure to cut on the back of the fabric and only cut the backing. Cut through as little as the actual fur as possible. The more fur you cut through, the choppier the edge will look.
  4. Cut all the pieces so that the direction of the fur flows the same way on the whole finished project.
  5. Shake it really well to get rid of the extra hairs after cutting but before sewing. This important to keep them out of your sewing machine.
  6. Use lots of pins! The more pins the better! And when you are finished, double triple check for them because they like to hide in the fur sometimes.
  7. You can use a regular needle and thread.
  8. Because of the thickness of the fur, you will want to lengthen your stitches.
  9. You may need to lift the presser foot to get the fabric under.
  10. When sewing together two pieces, push the fur away from the seam for a cleaner look. Then once you are done sewing, make it look more natural by gently pulling the fur out of the sewn seam.

  11. Clean your sewing machine when you finish sewing with faux fur to get all the fur out. I liked to use a toothbrush. 
  12. Also vacuum. I don’t think I even have to tell you this because your floor surely will show their need for a good pass of the vacuum.

Now that you know how to Faux Fur, try out sewing this DIY Fur Vest.