1/31 | The Ultimate Guide to Exam Success

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cengage Unlimited.  The opinions and text are all mine.

I don’t like when I feel unprepared for a test, especially when I thought I studied adequately! I have always wondered if there was more I could do to make test taking more successful. It turns out studying isn’t the only key to successfully taking a test. Today I am eager to share with you all The Ultimate Guide to Exam Success. With this advice, plus tips and tricks, you’re sure to become a much more successful test taker. You will be surprised at how many factors can help you in your studies. I hope you enjoy this wonderful resource and sign up for a Cengage Unlimited subscription to help you out.

#1- Use Quizlet Flashcards

I love my Cengage Unlimited subscription for so many reasons (read about them in this post), but one of the things I love the most is that it comes with a 6 month free trial of Quizlet Plus! I use Quizlet for all the terms and vocabulary in my classes because it creates the best study sets with custom images and audio to make it less boring. I also like that there are no ads so that I can focus better and that I can study anywhere I want to with the offline access. This is a tool that makes studying more accessible and fun! The free trial will get you all the way through the semester which is awesome!

#2- Have A Study Space

Our brains love consistency so having one place that you do all of your studying can be really helpful. Staying in your bed is not recommended because your brain connects your bed with sleeping and relaxation. By studying in the same place, you can get your brain to make a connection with that place and productivity. How cool is that? Be sure this place has a good chair, big enough work surface, proper lighting, and not too many distractions.

#3- Get Good Sleep & Breakfast

I know it may sound cliché but if you want to do your best on an exam, treat yourself to a good night of sleep. While you sleep, your brain will turn the information into memories that you can draw from during the test and throughout life. Also, treat yourself to a wholesome breakfast. This will help you concentrate on the exam in front of you rather than a grumbling stomach.

#4- Start Studying Early

The hardest but possibly most influential thing you can do for exam preparation is to start studying early. Cramming the night before is to be avoided whenever possible. I recommend starting to review about a week before the exam. At that time, look at all your availed time before the exam, schedule dedicated study times and divide the material up between those study sessions to ensure you stay on track and ace the exam!

#5- Re-Read Highlight Text

Another super helpful feature of Cengage Unlimited is that you can highlight and make notes directly in the online textbooks. It comes in handy to have notes and highlighted information right there. I like to start off my studying for an exam by skimming through the material that will be on the exam. When I have highlighted the important information, this process is much easier and quicker. This feature has saved me lots of time and helped me improve my exam grades.

What did you all think? How interesting is it that where you study and how much sleep you got can really affect your test-taking? Growing up I’ve always heard that eating a good breakfast can help in school, but I never thought it would help this much. I hope you feel so much better about exams and preparing for them. Cengage Unlimited helps so much too. It’s a great resource to help you be a better student!