1/31 | How To Remove Iron-On


So many people are enjoying their Iron-On projects. I love working with HTV and I use it almost daily. One thing that gets tricky is when you’ve finished an Iron-On project and it didn’t turn out exactly how you wanted. Can you remove it? Or is your project ruined? Or maybe you want to reuse a shirt you used to Iron-On for Easter and now you want to use it for Christmas. I have great news. You can remove HTV from fabrics! We found a great product that’s definitely a life saver. You will love learning How To Remove Iron-On.

  • Your Iron-On Project
  • AlbaChem VLR Letter Removing Solvent For Fabrics
  • Cricut EasyPress
  • Cricut EasyPress Mat

1. Lay out the Iron-On project you want to be removed.

2. Snip the tip and add the solvent all over your Iron-On design. Wait a few seconds and stretch the fabric. You should see the vinyl bubbling up and peeling off.

3. Use a rag or your hands to rub and peel off all of the Iron-On.

4. Once removed, you can heat up your shirt with your EasyPress to quickly dry the shirt and get crafty right away.

What did you all think? Removing Iron-On vinyl is so easy! Now you can remake or repurpose your fabric Iron-On projects without worrying about ruining your fabric. When I found this product I was so excited to try it out. I had no idea how easy it would be. I hope you all enjoyed how to remove HTV yourself. Go buy this product!