1/31 | Travel Packing Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know


What’s going on everyone? I want to talk to you all about packing for a trip! I know it seems crazy but I LOVE packing for trips. I love getting organized and making lists and never feeling like I’m forgetting something. It’s a sickness really. Anywho, I wanted to share some Travel Packing Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know. From how to pack your clothes to rules about your shoes, you’re going to be a master packer in no time. I hope you enjoy these packing tips and tricks!

Make a List

The first thing you need to do is make a list. Depending on where you’re going the lists will always be different. If you’re going skiing you’ll need some gloves, but if you’re going beaching you’ll need some sunblock. It helps to make sure you think of everything you from the time you get up to the time you go to bed from day to day. That helps you remember things like hair ties or medication.

Take a Laundry Bag

You’d be surprised how many places that you stay won’t have laundry machines or laundry rooms available. A bag to keep all of your dirty laundry helps keep your dirty clothes separate and your clean clothes looking and smelling, well, clean.

Shower Caps Keep Shoes Tidy

They say to pack your shoes in the bottom of your luggage so they don’t get any clothing items dirty but what about the bottom of your luggage? If you buy those super cheap plastic shower caps, they’re perfect for keeping your shoes from dirtying up your bags.

Wear Bulky Items

This seems a bit odd, but if you wear bulky items throughout your trip you’ll have more room in your suitcase for other necessities. If you wear your wooly sweater then you can pack your favorite sneakers. It’s a give and take.

Make Your Luggage Stand Out

This is a fun tip for when you’re waiting in line for your bags. You need to be able to spot your bag quickly and not have to worry that you’re stealing someone else’s bag or vise verse. You can buy a bag that screams your personality so you won’t get it confused, or you can get a unique tag. My family has even gotten some patterned Duct Tape and wrapped it around the handles of our bags just to pick them out of a crowd. Whatever works for you!

Are You Planning On Checking Your Bag?

This is a huge, game-changing question if you’re going to fly. If you check your bag you have a weight limit and other rules to keep in mind. If you decide to pack everything into a carry-on, you have tons of rules and regulations for what you can and cannot take onto the plane with you. Either way you have to abide by some rules, but depending on what you’re packing checking your bag may be the best option.

Roll All Of Your Items

You’ve probably heard this one before. Rolling up all of your shirts and pants will allow you to fit more into your bag. Rolling takes up less room that folding. You should definitely try it if you haven’t before. Rolling also minimizes the possibility of your clothing items getting wrinkled!

Choose Your Shoes Wisely

Speaking of sneakers, you have to choose your shoes wisely. They take up a ton of space in your bag so make sure you pick your pairs according to your trip. If you’re going hiking it would probably be best to leave your flip-flops at home. If you’re going to LA on a shopping spree, maybe your roller skates can stay hidden deep in your closet. I try to pack only one pair of shoes in my bag plus the pair on my feet.

Put All Liquids In a Zip-Lock Bag

I love this hack because it’s saved my whole luggage several times. You never know how things get moved around in your bag throughout a trip. I’ve had full shampoo bottles and perfume open up and leak out. If I hadn’t put all of my liquids into Zip-Lock bags, they would have ruined my clothing and the interior of my luggage. You never know how useful small things like Zip-Lock bags can be in certain situations.

Only Pack What You *Need*

This may seem super obvious but there have been several vacations I have went on where I wasted tons of valuable luggage room on pointless shoes or workout wear. Especially if you know where you’re going has a washer and dryer available, you only need a few pairs of clothes. Trust me.