3/31 | Fun Cricut Office Decor and Organization

What’s going on everyone? I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful SPRING weather! I can’t believe it’s already spring and that means it’s time for Spring cleaning. Whether your home needs a light cleaning or a complete overhaul, everyone has some spring cleaning to do. I love using my Cricut to help me organize my home, too. It’s perfect to make labels for my kitchen and bathrooms, as well as my home office.

We recently got to renovate my home office and we’ve spent a few weeks getting everything decorated and organized. We needed some help, so we grabbed our Cricut Maker! We decided to make some trendy Iron-On labels for some felt bins I got. We also got super pumped when we decided to paint some old pots and make beautiful paper succulents to display in them.

I can’t wait to share with you all exactly how we made these two awesome projects perfect for your home. I love that one is for organizing but still has style and the other is a fun revamp project adding DIY elements with the succulents being made out of paper. I hope you enjoy learning how to make your own Fun Cricut Office Decor and Organization.

DIY Iron-On Office Labels



1. Open up Design Space and select the Avenida Com font. Type out your words how you’d like them. Be sure to size your words to make sure they’ll fit well onto your felt bins.

2. Lay your Iron-On shiny side down onto your mat. Be sure to mirror your image and select the proper Iron-On material. Let the Cricut cut. This is also a good time to preheat your EasyPress!

3. Once cut, weed your image and position them how you would like them on your bins.

4. Once your EasyPress has preheated carefully lay it onto your felt bin and apply pressure.

5. Once the Iron-On has cooled, slowly peel off the transfer paper. It may look like it’s trying to pull up, but felt is a tricky material. It usually adheres really well, so you can just keep pulling and see that it’s adhered.

6. Repeat onto your next bin and store them in your office as usual.

Easy Cricut Paper Succulents



1. Open up the Project in Cricut Design Space. Be sure to select “customize” and not “make it”.

2. Remove the unnecessary layers until all you’re left with are the flower patterns.

3. Load the paper onto your mat and into your Cricut. Adjust your material settings and let the Cricut cut.

4. Between cutting, using your paint and sponge, apply a few coats of white paint onto your pots. Allow each coat to dry before adding another one.

5. As you remove pieces of your flower off of the mat try to keep them together and well organized. This will make the assembling process easier!

6. With your bone folder using your index finger and thumb, curl all of the petals on all of the layers of your succulents. Be gentle, you don’t want to rip your cardstock.

7. Once you’ve curled all of your layers take your ATG gun and start applying adhesive and attaching all the pieces together. You’ll end up with a beautifully layered succulent with a small dot in the center.

8. In order for our succulents to easily stay in the pots, we decided to cut some pipe cleaners and hot glue them in the center on the back of all our succulents.

9. After that, we simply filled our painted pots with pebbles and arranged the paper succulents to our liking.

What did you all think of these adorable projects? I hope you’re inspired to organize and decorate your home in a more creative way. There seems to be no limit to what the Cricut Maker can do. I loved the way these projects turned out. Let us know in the comments which one you like the best.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


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