4/30 | How to Add a Pocket to Any Dress

I personally think that all dresses should come with pockets. Don’t you? One time I had a dress that I didn’t realize had pockets and then like the 3rd time I wore it, I accidentally discovered them and it was like the best thing ever. That got me thinking that maybe I have found another use for my sewing skills- adding pockets to all the dresses in my closet. I figured out a pretty simple way and so today I thought I would share this post on how to add pockets to any dress. It is potentially life changing!

  • a dress (or skirt) you want to add pockets to
  • coordinating fabric
  • matching thread
  • paper
  • pen
  • water-soluble fabric marker
  • fabric scissors
  • pins
  • seam ripper

Step One: Trace the shape of your hand on an angle onto the paper to create a pattern. I added about an inch around my hand to account for seam allowance. Then cut it out. 
Step Two: Trace the pattern onto the fabric using the water-soluble marker to create 4 pieces.

Step Three: Cut out the 4 pocket pieces from the fabric.

Step Four: With the dress inside out place the paper template along the seam where you would like the pocket to be and mark on both ends.

Step Five: Unpick the side seam with a seam ripper between the two marks that you made.

Step Six: Turn the dress right side out and pin the straight edge of the pocket along the raw edge of the seam with the right sides of the fabrics together. Match the top and bottom of the pocket with the marks you made. Make sure the pockets are angled down.

Step Seven: Sew along the original seam lines.
Step Eight: Turn the dress inside out and place the pockets pieces so they lay directly on top of each other and clip them together.

Step Nine: Sew around the pocket. Be sure to backstitch when you start and finish to lock the stitches in place. 

Ahh how cool is that! Now when I wear this dress I will have a spot for chapstick and my phone and I won’t have to carry a purse. Any time I am wearing a dress that has pockets and I get complimented I feel the need to let them know that not only is the dress cute but it also has pockets! Now when I get compliments I’m pretty sure that I will have to let them know that I added pockets to it!