4/30 | 10 Cricut Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Hey everyone! Today on the blog we’re going to share ten of our favorite mind-blowing Cricut hacks with you. These hacks are so simple and yet so incredibly useful.

These Cricut tips are going to make such a big difference in making your Cricut projects successfully and easily. We all want flawless results with our craft projects and these tips and tricks are a great way to get that! You’re definitely going to enjoy these hacks and hopefully, you’ll find at least a few of these to be really helpful in your Cricut journey.

10 Cricut Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Organize your Cricut Tools

Be sure to keep all of your Cricut tools in one place. We use this clear box so that we can see everything at a glance. With all of our Cricut tools in one place we know exactly where to go to find them when we need them!

It saves you a lot of stress and frustration when you don’t have to go hunting around your dining room (or wherever you use your Cricut) looking for those misplaced tools. All you want to do is complete your fun craft project, not search for what you need!

Weed on the Mat

I’m a huge fan of weeding on the mat because it holds your vinyl or material in place for you.  When you weed directly on the mat, it helps prevent having to use the other hand to hold your vinyl down 

Make Test Cuts

Always make test cuts with new material. For example, if you’ve never worked with glitter card stock, it’s best to always make a little test cut. We highly recommend using a circle or maybe even a heart to make a small two or three inch test cut. This will help ensure that you’re getting a great quality crisp cut and that you’ve chosen the right setting for this particular material.  This way,  you won’t waste a whole sheet of material!   

You can Use Crayola Markers

Believe it or not, you’re able to use Crayola markers in the clamp as a great little pen! This is often something you already have on hand, so it’s great for those last-minute projects when you don’t have the Cricut pens to use. Cricut does not recommend using anything but their pens as they are specifically designed for use with the machine, but it’s definitely something I would recommend for you guys to experiment with depending on the projects you are making. 

Remove the Mat from the Paper

Any time you’re working with paper, do you find that when you pull up the paper from the mat it is curled? My best tip and hack for you is when you’re getting ready to peel it up, place it face down with the mat on top. Then, peel the mat up from the paper instead of the paper from the mat. You’ll get a nice flat, cut image. 

Use Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Your Blanks

You’re going to  want to have some rubbing alcohol available in your craft room- this is great for any slick surfaces you might be working with. Think of plates, glass, mugs –  you want to be able to wipe off those fingerprints cleanly so that your vinyl is able to adhere properly.  It is a game changer to be sure and we know this hack is going to make a big difference for you too!

Clean Your Mats

In between cleaning your mats be sure to have some baby wipes ready to wipe your mats off. This will remove any residue or grime on them. The baby wipe is going to help keep from losing the stickiness too! If you’re wondering exactly How to Clean your Cricut Mats be sure to check here

Keep Painter’s Tape on Hand

You may also want to have some painters’ tape on hand. We like to wrap some tape around our less dominant hand when we’re weeding.  This is definitely a great easy hack for you when you’re working on those huge projects. As you weed, you can add those pieces to the painters’ tape and it won’t end up all over your craft table. If you’re working on a large project that is taking hours to weed, this will help you keep those little pieces nice and organized. 

Leave Your Material Setting on Custom

For our Cricut Explore and Cricut Explore Air friends, we highly recommend this quick little hack. Always leave the material setting to custom so that you’re able to select that in Cricut design space instead of accidentally having it set to vinyl or iron-on when you’re actually cutting cardstock. Leaving it set to custom will let you know that you always need to select that in Cricut design space. This will make sure that you’re always going to have the proper material setting for each material. 

Reuse Transfer Tape

Be sure to reuse your transfer tape! We found that we were able to get up to 7 flawless reuses out of one piece of transfer tape. I highly recommend if you have a 4×4 or similar sized piece of transfer tape, keep it around for a couple of uses, That way you’re not having to get more and more transfer tape as this doesn’t grow on trees. Be sure to reuse it to get the maximum use out of it.

Hope you guys enjoyed these mind-blowing  Cricut hacks! We have so much fun gathering these different tips and tricks for each of you to use with your Cricut. If you have any hacks that you’d like to see us feature in our next hack video, be sure to leave a comment below!