4/30 | 25 Free Tote Bag Patterns

Who doesn’t love tote bags? I know I do. Tote bags are one of my favorite accessories as you can have one to match anything you wear! Whether you are on the beach, at a party or even at school, tote bags are perfect to use for any occasion. Don’t think you are limited to just one style either! There are tote bags with pockets, no pockets, ruffles, buttons – there’s even one just for taking packages to the post office and one that’s perfect for kids! You can make one of these amazing tote bags for yourself or to give as a gift. Today I’ve rounded up 25 Free Tote Bag Patterns that you will love.


1.Braided Handle Canvas Tote 

2.Basic Booty Bag Tutorial  
3.Make Our 1 Yard, 1 Hour Free Tote Bag  
4.The Twenty Minute Tote  
5.Charm Pack Tote Bag  
6.Upcycle Old Denim Into a Market Tote  
7.Dishtowels Tote Bag  
8.Easy Reversible DIY Tote Bag  
9.Freezer Paper Tote Bags  
10.The Frou Frou Bag  
11.The Great Gathered Tote  
12.Fabulous Fall Handbag  
13.Kid’s Tote Bag Pattern  
14.Peekaboo Chevron Tote  
15.For Pleat’s Sake Tote  
16.Post Office Bag  
17.Ruffled Tote Bag 
18.Market Tote With Ruffly Ribbon Handles & Ties  
19.Scrunch Tote  
20.Naughty Secretary Bag  
21.Turn a Men’s Shirt/Tie into a Tote 
22.Simple Six-Pocket Bag  
23.Sling Tote Bag  
24.Two-Tone Fabric Totes  
25.Fold up Tote  

These tote bags are perfect to give as a gift for your friends and family on any occasion, and they’re super easy to make! I’m having a hard time choosing my favorite in this roundup. I’m just going to have make a bunch of them! How about you? What’s your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below.