5/31 | Shocking Cricut Hacks You Need To Know

Hi everyone! Today on the blog we’re going to share with you some Shocking Cricut Hacks You Need To Know. You will love these Cricut tips and tricks and they will be so much fun to learn about. Here are five different craft hacks that you definitely need to know. Hopefully, you can pick up a tip or two from this blog to use in your crafting projects.

Shocking Cricut Hacks You Need To Know

Applying Vinyl on Curved Surfaces

First, when applying vinyl onto curved surfaces such as a mug, you can see the transfer tape doesn’t want to adhere and lay flat. One of my favorite tips that I learned is to simply cut slits into your transfer tape so that you’re able to really apply it down to your surface.

By doing this, it will naturally lay a lot better and if there are ever any bubbles, you can work those out a lot easier with the slits. This comes in handy whenever you’re working with curved surfaces like a mug or Christmas ornament. It’s so simple to do and can make a big difference.  It may take a little longer but you’re still going to get great results with your vinyl.

Reverse Weeding

Next is reverse weeding. It’s really simple! What you want to do is to take a piece of transfer tape and bring it down into your vinyl piece. You’re going to place this down just into your project without doing any weeding first.

You’re simply going to be reverse weeding because instead of weeding on the backing, you are weeding on the transfer tape. It’s really handy for a lot of intricate projects so be sure to go check out this video on Reverse Weeding 101. It will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to know exactly how to do this fantastic technique.

Weeding Dark Vinyl

I super love this third tip! We’re using dollar store baby powder and we’re going to lightly take some and sprinkle it on our cut vinyl. Then brush it out. The powder will get down into all of the crevices and make this dark-colored design show up so much better.

This makes weeding ten times simpler for you! It’s not gonna damage your project at all but it will help you see what you’re weeding. And guess what?  Now your craft area smells like baby powder which is kind of refreshing.

Use Masking Tape to Hold Your Vinyl. 

Number four, when you are working with a mat that may need to be cleaned – in fact, maybe it’s time to toss it, but you’re trying to get that lifespan stretched as far out as possible –  a great tip for you is to use some masking tape. We’re going to put it on here to hold down our vinyl so we are able to cut.

You just want to take a piece and go around your entire project and it will help secure it in place for cutting. This is a great way to help save your mat to really get your money’s worth or I use this technique the most when I don’t have any extra mats and it’s late and I just want to get my project completed!

Clean Your Blade

Last but not least is for you to get the best lifespan out of your fine point blades. What you need to do this is cut some aluminum foil maybe once a month to keep that blade nice and clean.

Just take some aluminum foil and place it onto your mat and then cut it so that you’re able to clean your blade and make it cut better. This is a great tip to stretch out the fine point blade’s lifespan. As you can see, they are so little and tiny and we absolutely love our fine point blade and we don’t have to change ours too terribly often.

What did you guys think of our five Shocking Cricut Hacks You Need To Know? These are so much fun! I think the baby powder is taking the award as our favorite.