6/30 | DIY Wallet Lanyard

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As a student who is always on the go, I love things that make my life easier. This DIY Wallet Lanyard is one of those things. I have been known to misplace things every once in a while and so having my wallet together with my keys is super convenient because it means I only have to find one thing before running out the door. Also, the lanyard part allows me to carry it around my neck when shopping so I don’t accidentally place it down somewhere. The clear ID part is perfect for students because you don’t have to pull out your school ID all the time too. As everyone is gearing up to go off to college, this would be a great homemade gift idea for them! Keep on reading to see how to make them.

Step One: Iron the Lightweight fusible interfacing onto the back of the 2 panels following the instructions on the packaging. 
Step Two: Leaving a 1 inch border around all sides, draw a rectangle in the middle of one panel.

Step Three: Cut an x inside of the rectangle.

Step Four: Press the pieces created from the x back so that the rectangle in the middle is open.
Step Five: Place the clear vinyl fabric on the back of the panel with the opening and stitch around the opening.
Step Six: Using the ruler measure 4 and a half inches from the top of the zipper pull and mark it with a marker or pen.

Step Seven: Cut a little bit past it and sew back and forth a few times along that line over the zipper teeth.
Step Eight: Use the 2 by 4 inch piece to create a zipper pull on both ends.

Step Nine: Place the zipper teeth side down on top of the right side of the full panel. With the zipper foot on your machine, sew all the way down the side. Repeat this with the other side.
Step Ten: Top stitch on both sides of the zipper. Then add the loop on one side close to the top.
Step Eleven: Fold it so that right sides are together with the zipper at least half way open, clip it together, and sew all the way around. Then use the opening in the zipper to flip it right side out.
Step Twelve: Fold the long piece of fabric in half and press it. Then unfold it and fold each side into the middle crease. Then fold it in half again so that the raw edges are concealed. Stitch all the way down close to each side.

Step Thirteen: Fold the long piece in half and attach the lanyard hardware.

Step Fourteen: Swap out the basic zipper pull with a fun new zipper pull from Coats now available at Walmart!

It really is that easy to make a DIY Wallet Lanyard! So get our you sewing machine and let’s get to making one. I am sure you know a bunch of people who would love to have one of these to carry around. As with all my sewing tutorials, you can easily customize them by switching up the color of fabric and the zipper. Also, I love the elevated touch that the zipper pull added to the project. Coats & Clark has a bunch of different kinds of them and they are now available at Walmart which is so convenient! I can’t wait to see you take on this project.