6/30 | Nature Walk Activities and Crafts For Kids

As we spend more time outside this time of year, it can be a lot of fun to explore nature with your kids. With these nature walk activities and fun crafts for kids that we have rounded up, you’ll find all kinds of great ideas for outdoor fun with your family. These are perfect for spring, summer, and even into the fall. You can take part in some simple activities while out for the walk and then come back and extend the fun with some great nature crafts too.

Sure, these ideas are educational, but the kids are just going to see the fun in them. While they’re learning more about the world around them, they’ll have a great time exploring and creating. Will you go on a scavenger hunt? Make a backyard mobile? Or perhaps you will gather up some rocks, paint them, and then place your friendship rocks back out in nature as a special treat for others to find. There are lots of activities to choose from here – you’re sure to find at least one your family would enjoy doing. 

Nature Walk Activities and Crafts For Kids

EASY AND FUN FALL LEAF TREE CRAFT From Fab Working Mom  Life <<<Challenge the family to make all kinds of different shapes – maybe a whole zoo’s worth of animals!


ROCK TIC TAC TOE GAME From Creative Cynchronicity <<< Gather some rocks and make your game. Then take it along on picnics, road trips, or anytime you need a way to have fun while waiting.

EXPLORE A SHORE From Rhythms of Play

NATURE BRACELETS From Craft Learn and Play <<<We used to make these on Girl Scout hikes!

GARDEN NATURE ART From The Craft Train

KINDNESS ROCKS From Mod Podge Rocks

OUTDOOR STICKY MURAL From I Can Teach My Child >>>This is such a fun and unique idea!


CLAY IMPRESSIONS From My Bright Ideas Blog

SKIPPING STONES From Rhythms of Play <<<Remember doing this when you were a kid? 

JOURNEY STICK From Growing Family

NATURE JOURNALS From Nurture Stores <<<Keep track of all your amazing nature finds!

BUG HUNTING From Family Education

SAILOR’S VALENTINE From Creative Cynchronicity <<<If you live near a beach, this is a really sweet way to carry on a lovely tradition. 

STICK STAR MOBILE From Happy Hooligans <<<Hang this up in your home or out in your garden. It’s a great way to add some color and texture.