6/30 | Yummy Keto Desserts

Are you following a keto eating plan? We know so many people who are these days and with great success. You might thing that if you’re starting on a keto diet, it means you won’t be able to have any desserts anymore. We’re here to tell you that just isn’t true. We have searched the internet to find some of our favorite yummy keto desserts and are sharing them with you today.

These desserts are the perfect little treat! You can indulge your sweet tooth without blowing your diet plan. Whether you like cheesecake, pudding, creme brulee, or something else, you’re going to find some great recipes here to try. I bet your family won’t even know they are keto recipes at all! They are so full of yummy ingredients and look so decadent – even you will have a hard time believing they can still be a part of your keto eating plan. 

Check them out. We think you will find something you simply can’t wait to try!

Yummy Keto Desserts

KETO LAVA CAKE From Taste A Holics


PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE BARS From Two Sleevers >>>If you love peanut butter cups, these are a must try!

KETO LEMON BARS From Hey Keto Mama

CREAMY CHEESECAKE FLUFF From Keto Pots >>>For all you cheesecake fans out there!

KETO BUTTER CAKE From Sweet CS Designs

CHOCOLATE AVOCADO PUDDING From Tasty Yummies >>>Trust us. You won’t even taste the avocado but it adds some extra creaminess to the recipe. 

CHOCOLATE CHAFFLE From Simple Yummy Keto

MINI CHEESECAKES From Healthy Recipes

LEMON PUDDING CAKES From Pete and Gerry’s >>>Anyone else just love the bright summery taste of lemon?

LOW CARB CREME CARAMEL From The Hungry Elephant


KETO ICE CREAM From Delish >>>Ice cream? Yes please! 

We’ve got some great keto recipes here. Check them out!