7/31 | Air Dry Clay Craft Projects

You are going to love these Air Dry Clay Craft Projects! Air dry clay makes it so easy to create some beautiful clay craft projects without having to have special equipment on hand. 

It also means that you can get your kids involved in making some projects because you don’t have to worry about the dangers of a hot oven or kiln. It’s as easy to use as play dough, but you can create some gorgeous projects that are worthy of gift-giving!

Make or buy some air dry clay and then grab a few things from around the house: paints, stamps, doilies. There are so many ways you can embellish your clay projects and turn them into something really special.

Air Dry Clay Craft Projects

Geometric Clay Jar from Delineate Your Dwelling 

These little jars not only make for a great way to add a little beauty to your space, but can be really practical too. 

Lacey Clay Containers from Design Mom

We love the lacey look of these! Add a few to your bathroom to organize it and look lovely at the same time. 

Bright Tipped Faux Antler from Fall for DIY

Isn’t this a clever craft? It looks like a real antler! Once again, gorgeous and functional. 

Clay Egg Carton from Fall for DIY

Have you seen those clay or porcelain egg cartons? They are so trendy right now! We love the look!

Stamped Clay Coasters from Gathering Beauty

Use rubber stamps to add some texture to these coasters. Or find objects around the house to use instead!

Air Dry Clay Mini Pots from Journey Creativity

Can’t you just picture a whole collection of these, filled with succulents on your windowsill? 

Geometric Colored Pencil Holder from Lines Across

A beautiful desk accessory if ever we saw one! 


Clay Heart Bunting from Nurture Store

String these across your mantel, a window, or above your headboard. They’re sweet and simple. 

Air Dry Clay Necklace from Little Button Diaries

Make yourself a gorgeous pendant! Perfect for gift-giving too! 

Stamped Air Dry Clay Bowls Alice and Lois

We adore these. You can personalize with any statements you want to make! 

Clay Leaf Bowls from Urban Comfort

 A stunning way to bring the look of nature into your home. 

Clay Pendant Lamp from Brit.co

Wouldn’t you love a trio of these hanging in your home? 

Clay Circle Garland from Poppytalk

Another really fun garland idea! 

Clay & Rope Pot from Fall for DIY

The addition of the rope is such a stunning detail!