7/31 | Yarn Crafts You Will Love

Sometimes when we think of crafting with yarn, we only think about things like knitting and crocheting. The thing is that yarn is incredibly versatile and there are so many different kinds of yarn crafts you can make!

Yarn is really inexpensive to work with – in fact, you can often find a selection of it at your local dollar store. That means you can fill your home with all kinds of colorful yarn craft projects. Yarn projects make great gifts too!

Yarn Crafts You Will Love

MACRAME RAINBOW CHARMS From Creative Cynchronicity <<< These are so sweet! Make a bunch and hang them up as a mobile or garland. Or use them to decorate your backpack!

BRAIDED YARN DOLLS From The Craft Train <<<Have you made these before? My grandma taught me how! 

YARN OCTOPUS CRAFTS From Free Baby Projects >>>I had one of these sitting on my bed when I was little. So cute!

YARN WRAPPED CARDBOARD HEARTS From Crafty Morning >>>Super simple and super cute!

YARN ORNAMENTS From One Little Project >>>This would be a fun idea for any occasion. Or fill a window with them to add some color to your room. 

YARN TREE KIT From Ann Williams Group >>>How cute is this?

RAINBOW WALL HANGING From Marching North <<<A bigger version of the macrame rainbow above!

DIY GIANT POM POMS From Dans Le Lakehouse >>>Can’t you just picture a basket filled with these? Or hang them over your bed!

CROCHET HEART SHAPED STORAGE BASKETS From My Poppet Makers >>>Love, love, love these! Simple crochet project!

CROCHET BABY FLIP FLOPS SANDALS From Whistle and Ivy <<<Awwww so cute! The perfect gift for your favorite baby!

YARN BUTTERFLIES From The Craft Train <<<Grab the kids and make a whole kaleidoscope of butterflies with them! (That’s what a group of butterflies is called. Cute, right?)

YARN COASTERS From The Studio <<<Ohhhh, I want to make a whole set of these! Maybe with some pompoms around the edges?

YARN TASSEL GARLAND From Sweet Red Poppy <<<For a party, for a photo booth backdrop, or just because, this is a fun idea for any space. 

Aren’t these fun ideas? Grab your yarn stash and let’s get crafting!